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HWA Scholarship Announcement

HWA Scholarship Announcement

The Horror Writer’s Association would like to thank everyone who applied for scholarships in 2023. The initiative of applicants makes it possible to provide these invaluable opportunities to connect, learn, grow, and imagine what might be next for the genre. 

Whether it’s a haunting novel or a groundbreaking thesis, a riveting collection of poetry or a jaw-dropping new script, the horror writers of the world have been busy. These scholarships provide more than just money; they provide the chance for the winners to learn from the best, mature as creators, and infuse our world with art like

HWA Announces Maxwell I. Gold as Executive Director


For Immediate Release:

Columbus, Ohio — The Board of Trustees of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) is pleased to announce that Maxwell I. Gold has been installed as Executive Director, replacing Brad Hodson who served the HWA with distinction for ten years as Administrator.

Gold brings a wealth of expertise and over a decade of combined experience in corporate banking, philanthropy and fundraising as well as project management. He’s worked with small to medium non-profits as well as large marketing enterprises, and he is excited to lead the HWA. As an accomplished …

2023 Horror Writers Association Elections for Officers and Trustees

The HWA’s annual elections will soon be upon us. 

Up this year are four Trustee positions, as well as the offices of Vice President and Treasurer. 

Please read the statements of the following candidates carefully. Links to the ballot will be sent out on or around September 7, 2023 to our Active and Lifetime members, with a due date of September 16, 2023. 

The elected officers shall hold their respective offices for terms of two years, beginning on November 1 and ending on October 31.

Candidate Statement for Horror Writers Association VICE PRESIDENT

Lisa Wood (L. Marie Wood)

Hello and

The Seers’ Table September 2023

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

You can see any of The Seers’ Table posts since inception (March 2016) by going to the HWA main page and selecting menu item “Our Blogs / Seers’ Table.”

Linda D. Addison recommends:

Candace Nola is an award-winning Pittsburgh author, editor, and reviewer. You can find her short stories in The Baker’s Dozen, Just A Girl, and The American Cannibal anthologies as well as multiple short stories on Godless. Her novels include Breach, Beyond the Breach, Hank Flynn, Bishop, and Bishop: Man vs

World of Horror: Interview with Tejaswi Priyadarshi

Tejaswi Priyadarshi is a splatter-noir author and an HWA Grant Conferee. His two books The Psychopath, The Cannibal, The Lover and Bhang Milkha Bhang have been pivotal in exploring the splatterpunk genre in the Indian literary landscape. His work is focused on layering splatterpunk with local genre and geographic indications and flavors. Tejaswi has an engineering and a business degree, and apart from writing, he also specializes in Digital marketing. He is currently working on a splatterpunk short story collection and a psychological horror novel.

What was it about the horror genre that drew you to it?

I think it

World of Horror: Interview with Alessandro Manzetti

Alessandro Manzetti (Rome, Italy) is a three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning writer, editor, scriptwriter and essayist of horror fiction and dark poetry. His work has been published extensively (more than 40 books) in Italian and English. Among his publications in English: the novel Naraka (2018), the novella The Keeper of Chernobyl (2019), the collections The Radioactive Bride (2020) and The Garden of Delight (2017) the poetry collections  Whitechapel Rhapsody (2020), The Place of Broken Things (2019, with Linda D. Addison), War (2018, with Marge Simon), Sacrificial Nights (2016, with Bruce Boston) and Eden Underground (2015), the graphic novels Kraken Inferno (2022),

World of Horror: Interview with Zachary Ashford

Zachary Ashford is the Aurealis-nominated author of When the Cicadas Stop Singing. His new book, The Morass: Servant of the Fly God is out through Crystal Lake on July 14. His debut novel, Polyphemus, follows through Darklit in September. He is an educator, occasional speaker, and cat-lover. He spends a lot of time hanging out with his wife, cats, and action figures. His books usually feature Australian characters, tonnes of page-turning conflict, and an assortment of lizard-people, killer marsupials, giant crocodiles, mutations, living dead things, sentient hive-mind flies, demons, and highway-patrolling serial killers. There’s usually a guy in a …

World of Horror: Interview with Marko Hautala

Marko Hautala is a Finnish horror writer whose novels and short stories have appeared in eight different languages. In 2020, his novelette “Pale Toes” (in Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories Vol. 1) was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award. Hautala’s novel The Dark Architect is currently being developed into a movie by Matila & Rohr Productions: https://matilarohr.com/en/

What was it about the horror genre that drew you to it?

I was seven or eight when I read a comic book version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Descent into the Maelström.” It gave me nightmares, yet I had to …

World of Horror: Interview with Paolo Di Orazio


Paolo Di Orazio has authored horror novels and comic books in Italian since 1987, and in English since 2015. He appeared in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2015.

What was it about the horror genre that drew you to it?

I was hopelessly fascinated by horror during my childhood. Movies on TV during the early ’70s captured my heart forever. I love monsters, I love drama since I can remember. I was just a little child, so I really didn’t know what has drew me inside of it and why. I only believed that monsters were

World of Horror: Interview with Chinaza Eziaghighala

Chinaza Eziaghighala is a medical doctor and storyteller. She is a University of Iowa International Writing Program, Voodoonauts, and EbonyLife Creative Academy alum. Her works are in/forthcoming in British Science Fiction Association’s (BSFA) Fission #2 Volume 1 anthology, Mythaxis, Planet Scumm, Metastellar, BrittlePaper, Afritondo, and BSFA’s Focus. Chimera, her debut novella, is forthcoming in 2024 from Nosetouch Press. She is diversifying her writing by working as a screenwriter for TV and film and also moonlights as a budding film development executive. In her free time, she enjoys mobile photography, meditation, dancing, and spending …

World of Horror: Interview with Kev Harrison

Kev Harrison is a writer of dark fiction and English language teacher from the UK, living and working in Lisbon, Portugal where he resides with his partner in crime Ana and their two cat overlords. He’s previously lived in various cities in the United Kingdom, as well as Turkey and Poland. His subterranean horror novella, Below, is out now from Brigids Gate Press, while his debut novella, The Balance, is also available through Lycan Valley Press. His short fiction collection, Paths Best Left Untrodden is available through Northern Republic. His debut novel, Shadow of the Hidden, arrives …

HWA is proud to announce our next members-only anthology: Scaring and Daring Adventures

HWA is proud to announce our next members-only anthology:

SCARING AND DARING ADVENTURES will be an anthology of original fiction stories that draw from the rich tradition of classic works of children’s literature and puts a “scaring” spin on the “daring adventures.” These stories will be intended for middle-grade readers and will reference characters, situations, or settings from famous works of literature that are in the public domain (generally pre-1923). The anthology will be edited by Eric J. Guignard and published by HarperCollins in 2025.

Examples of stories this anthology could contain include ideas such as:

  • The March Sisters of

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