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Markets for Horror Writers & Poets


We receive a lot of e-mail messages from writers asking if we recommend certain markets for horror fiction. As a rule, we as an organization do not endorse specific markets, but we do advise everyone — not just our members — to submit work to markets that pay a professional rate of 5 cents per word or more. That being said, we also understand that such markets are few, and the competition there is fierce. No one said this was easy, after all

For some sound advice on submitting your fiction in today’s marketplace, please click here.

A few popular online market list sites are linked below:

In addition to the sites listed above, here’s a list of markets that typically accept horror. These are recurring markets, such as magazines or regularly published anthologies, and do not include one off anthologies. Again, we recommend checking the aggregated sites listed above.

Fiction | Poetry | Nonfiction

There are varying classifications below. The markets are divided into Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction. We hope to add resources for screenwriting, graphic novels, and the like soon. If you have a market tip (especially for other mediums), feel free to send it along to admin@horror.org.

Each category is also divided into Professionally Paying Markets (5 cents per word or more), Semi-Professionally Paying Markets (2 to 5 cents per word), and Token Paying Markets (less than 2 cents per word). As stated above, the HWA advises everyone to submit to professionally paying markets. Additionally, we have not included any markets that don’t at least offer some payment as we feel strongly that writers should always be paid for their work.

HWA does not endorse these markets, nor ensure the accuracy of the listings. We simply provide this information for ease of searching and recommend that you research a market thoroughly before submitting. If you have questions about a specific market, other members can usually provide insight via our Forum or on our Facebook page. Again, the placement of a market here does not suggest an official endorsement. The HWA does not have qualifying or endorsed markets.

If you are looking for a vetted list of markets, our friends at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America have compiled such a list of qualifying markets (though there is no guarantee that their markets will accept horror or dark fiction). That list can be found here: http://www.sfwa.org/about/join-us/sfwa-membership-requirements/

For the most current information, including reading periods and temporary closures, please visit the market website.


Professionally Paying Markets for Fiction

Semi-Professionally Paying Markets for Fiction

Token Paying Markets for Fiction


Semi-Professionally Paying Markets for Poetry

Token Paying Markets for Poetry


Professionally Paying Markets for Nonfiction

Semi-Professionally Paying Markets for Nonfiction

Token Paying Markets for Nonfiction

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