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HWA Members New Releases – 2022


Welcome to the showcase of new releases!

Select a book cover to purchase or learn more about it or the author.

You can view the wall of amazing cover art from past years by using the dropdown in the menu above.

And members, please sign into the members-only area to submit upcoming releases. Thank you!

Charcoal | Vanessa Perry Night's Plutonian Shore | Garrett Boatman The Headless Boy | Kelli Owen The North Woods | Douglass Hoover Against the Clock | Mark Allan Gunnells, Shane Nelson, and Brandon Ford The Group | Khurram elahi What Happened Was Impossible | E.F. Schraeder Dracula Beyond Stoker Issue 2 Devil Kin | Stephanie Ellis The Exorcism of Eve | Eddie J. Morales Condemned: The Draonir Saga Book 3 by Sirius A Hunter Called Night | Tim Waggoner Artie's Bark | Jason Savio Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen | Roh Morgon Devil's Track | Julie Hiner The Intruders | Brian Pinkerton Little Mutilations | Jess Landry, Sofia Ajram, and Nadia Bulkin Savage Magic | Eddie Generous LETHAL | Katherine Kerestman Constellations of Ruin | Andrew S. Fuller Bedlam | Charlene Elsby The Story Generator | Mark All They Hide: Short Stories to Tell in the Dark | Francesca Maria The Night Belongs to Us by Jess Landry Hyde Cove | Joseph PesaventoLive Wire | Kyle Toucher Paranormal Pest Control | Lara Frater Infinite Black: Tales From The Abyss | Jeff Oliver and Dan Verkys Esprit de Corpse | Ef Deal The Lies We Weave | Grace R. Reynolds Rivers in Your Skin, Sirens in Your Hair | Marisca Pichette Girl of Light | Elana Gomel Poems and Potables with F. Larry Frankenstein | Timothy Lawver Hell, Delaware: One Town's History of Horrific Happenings | Kenneth W. Cain The Seething | Ben Monroe Perfect Sacrifices | Diane M. Johnson Where Did the Wind Go? | J. M. Failde Hell on High | Michael Clark Serpent Sword: Battle for the Wastelands #2 | Matthew W. Quinn Dark and Lonely Water | Graeme Reynolds Darkness Below | Barbara Cottrell Night's Plutonian Shore | Garrett Boatman Sleep Alone | J.A.W. McCarthy NSFW | David Scott Hay Suburban Monsters | Christopher Hawkins Memories Don't Lie | Pauline Yates American Cannibal | Rebecca Rowland The Hook | James Pack Joey Leonard's Last Horror Movie Marathon | Kevin Lucia The Triangle Forest | Edward J. Flora Annie Pilgrim | Eddie Generous The Suffering | MJ Mars The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future | Christi Nogle The Insatiable Hunger of Trees | Samantha Eaton Vandal: Stories of Damage | Kaaron Warren, Aaron Dries, and J.S. Breukelaar A Blackness Absolute | Caitlin Marceau The Tales of Time | L. Marie Wood The Open Book | L. Marie Wood Monstersona | Chloe Spencer It Doesn't Go Away | Wendy Dalrymple Wasps in the Ice Cream | Tim McGregor Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger | KC Grifant Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 | Donna J. W. Munro Unshod, Cackling, and Naked | Tamika Thompson Inside The Devil's Nest | John Durgin Sometimes Creek | Steve Fox Episode Thirteen | Craig DiLouie Miracles for Masochists | Authors: James G. Carlson & Michael R. Collins. Editor: James G. Carlson Nightwood | Elana Gomel Oblivion's Child | Tommy B. Smith Ragman | JG Faherty The Cemetery 6: Tales of Terror | David B Bond Secrets of Mother | Sirrah Medeiros Species | William Burke Fix | Melodie Bolt The Vampire's War | Damian Serbu Cutthroat Express | Bryan Cassiday Der Wald | Benjamin Gardner The Room At The End Of The Hall | Lori R. Lopez Among Friends | Bryan W. Alaspa Season of the Sickness | Harry J Vaughn

Species | William Burke Fix | Melodie Bolt The Vampire's War | Damian Serbu Cutthroat Express | Bryan Cassiday Der Wald | Benjamin Gardner The Room At The End Of The Hall | Lori R. Lopez Among Friends | Bryan W. Alaspa Evil Exists Book One: The Ring of Solomon | Jacques Mersereau Shallow Waters: Special Christmas Edition | Joe Mynhardt The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Fourteen | Ellen Datlow Where the Dinosaurs Roam | Eddie Generous Monsters: We’re All a Little Different | Glenn Rolfe, Tom Deady, and Nick Kolakowski Like a Ton of Bricks | Paul Lubaczewski Whispers of a Gypsy | J.T. Patten The Girl | Victory Witherkeigh INCUBATE: a horror collection of feminine power The Infection Party and Other Stories of Dis-Ease | Douglas Ford Dead End Track | Julie Hiner Taboo in Four Colors | Tim McGregor Elegies of Rotting Stars | Tiffany Morris Incesticide: Collected Horror | Natasha Sinclair The Spirit Phone | Arthur Shattuck O'Keefe The Warrior Retreat | John Lynch Yuletide Invasion: A Holiday Horror Novella | J.C. Moore Neutherium - Prose & Poetry from the Neither | K.A. Schultz Dog Meat | Priscilla Bettis Into the Forest | Lindy Ryan Love Stories | Katherine Villyard Blame It on the Pumpkin | Tara Moeller-Editor Antidote Illusions: a Tristan Grieves Fragment | Erik Hofstatter Dracula Beyond Stoker Issue 1 | Tucker Christine - Editor Chris McAuley The Vengeful Dead | C. R. Richards Kolchak: The Night Stalker – 50th Anniversary | James Aquilone Angel Falls | David Surface and Julia Rust The Mouth is a Coven | Liz Worth Burrows of Blood and Shadow | Author: Rebekah L Webb The Black Widow | Louise Worthington New World Monsters | Jeff Oliver, Chris McAuley and Dan Verkys Throwing Shadows: A Dark Collection | Jerry Roth Knot of Fear | Bryan Cassiday Division X | August Hill Writing Poetry in the Dark | Stephanie M. Wytovich Effectively Wild | Aeryn Rudel Halloween Beyond: Piercing the Veil | Lisa Morton Lucy A. Snyder Kate Maruyama The Photo Thief | J.L. Delozier Gargantuana's Ghost | Patrick Barb Fleshed Out | Rob Ulitski Misery And Other Lines | C.C. Adams Something Stirs | Thomas Smith Wily Writers Presents Tales of Evil River Woman, River Demon | Jennifer Givhan On Good Authority | Briana Una McGuckin When the Night Bells Ring | Jo Kaplan These Lingering Shadows If Only a Heart and Other Tales of Terror | Caleb Stephens Elemental Book 1 The Bond by Xavier Axelson Offerings to the Flower Moon: The Tale of the Abrams Witch by J.E. Erickson The Perilous Awakening of Johnny Hazard by E.B. Hauk Bait | Trent Pettry Effects Vary by Michael Harris Cohen Acts of Violence: Twelve Tales of Terror | Marcus Hawke Such Sharp Teeth | Rachel Harrison Flight 171 | Amy Christine Parker The Charterhouse of Evil | Janice Tremayne Josephine's Game Clayton Tune Unnatural Creatures: A Novel of the Frankenstein Women | Kris Waldherr Beneath the Jack-O-Lantern Sky: Tales of Sweet Hollow | Tylor James This Attraction Now Open Till Late - strange sights and shadows | Kyla Lee Ward Lie Still The Dead | Matthew Heilman and Ryan Henry Lifetimes | Chris Coppel Tombstones: Selected Horror Poems | G. O. Clark The Fever Cabinet | Justin Joschko This Is Where We Talk Things Out | Caitlin Marceau FULL IMMERSION | Gemma Amor Birds in the Black Water | Kodie Van Dusen Hell Spring | Isaac Thorne No Gods for Drowning | Hailey Piper Ghost Eaters | Clay McLeod Chapman Halloween Hearts: Poems | Adele Gardner Glorious Fiends | Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam MALUM | David M Healy IRRATIONAL FEARS | William Sterling Ghost Hunters: Swamp Witch | Susan McCauley Modulator | David Sharp The Cannibal’s Guide to Fasting | Dana Hammer Dead In The Shadows | J.C. Moore Portrait of a Nuclear Family | JP Behrens The Shadow After Sunset | Aaron Baker The Hand That Wounds | David E. Cowen The Ghost's Daughter | Cary Herwig The Dog Man of Denny-Blaine | Paul Lonardo The Latchkey Kids | Clarence Carter Delta | Tom Starita The Branding Ax | Justin Fulkerson Alternative Holidays | Alicia Hilton and Bob Brown Hell Hath No Sorrow like a Woman Haunted | RJ Joseph Trouble the Water | Wendy Vogel 0823 Ashthorne | April Yates | Ghost Orchid Press 0823 Synapse | William Sterling 0806 AS DEAD THINGS DO | Tyler Christensen | Off Limits Press Blood & Dirt | Corey Niles Mandy | Stephanie Sparks Hidden By The Dark | J.C. Moore Billy's Experiment | Jonathan Dunne | Jonathan Dunne We Will Rise | Tim Waggoner | Flame Tree Press Mary: An Awakening of Terror, Nat Cassidy A Man in Pieces: An American Nightmare | Henry Corrigan Angels of Hell: Poetic Tales of the Apocalypse vol. 1 | Chris Reichard Lure, Tim McGregor Pleasant Surprises | Wesley Moor The Desecrated | John Gray The Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle: Wraiths, Werewolves & Other Weird Tales from the Yorkshire Wolds (Haunted Landscapes Vol. 2) | Charles Christian Wily Writers Presents Tales of Nightmares | Loren Rhoads | Automatism Press A Man in Winter | Katie Marie | Brigids Gate Press They Drown Our Daughters | Katrina Monroe | Poisoned Pen Press Bluebells, Leanbh Pearson The Intruders | Brett McKay Corbin's Catacombs | James Pack | Vaudvil Sins of the Father | Sabrina Halvorson | Wolford Press Shagging the Boss, Rebecca Rowland Predator Hunters, Aaron R. Tyler Witches Copse | Math Bird Parasite, Ridley Harker The Lost, Jeffrey Burton On Sundays, She Picked Flowers | Yah Yah Scholfield The Rat King | Sumiko Saulson Tales of Dread edited by Lisa Morton We can never leave this place, Eric LaRocca At Home With the Horrors | Sammy Scott Metallurgy - Of Love and Death and Metal, Stephanie Ellis Deeper Than Hell, Joshua Millican The Inamorta | Joshua Rex | Weird House Press Pound of Flesh | D. Alexander Ward | Bloodshot Books Back Track, Julie Hiner The Cursed Among Us, John Durgin Nothing but the Blood Down By The Riverwalk | Matt Scott I Dreamed A World, Colleen Anderson These Long Teeth of the Night: The Best Short Stories 1999-2019, Alexander Zelenyj Writing in the Dark: The Workbook, Tim Waggoner Dance Among the Flames by Tori Eldridge Throw Me to the Wolves, Lindy Ryan and Christopher Brooks Ravenous | H N Pashley Rowland Books Sharper Than She Ever Imagined | Robert Masterson | Hecate Publishing Crossing Spencer All That Remains Kane, Forgiven Carnivale Macabre Pawns Chigger Lives Here | Michael Handy .

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