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Horror University Online

HORROR UNIVERSITY is one of the most successful and popular aspects of StokerCon™. We are proud to now offer Horror University online for anyone who wishes to attend. Horror University furthers the Horror Writers Association’s focus on education with a curriculum run by some of the best and brightest in the horror field.

HORROR UNIVERSITY ONLINE offers a series of 90-minute to two-hour workshops. They are not your typical workshop experiences—they are hands-on, intensive classes that include interactive activities and exercises. Workshops will initially be live events, but many will be offered as recordings year-round for students who register after …

HWA ‘Other Terrors’ Anthology Update

Dear HWA Membership,

We’d like to provide a few updates regarding the status of the HWA’s forthcoming OTHER TERRORS: AN INCLUSIVE ANTHOLOGY.

First, you’ll notice the title change. Formerly OTHER FEARS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF DIVERSE TERRORS, the editorial team at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt worked with us to fashion a stronger, more marketable title. We are thrilled with the new title and feel that it better encapsulates our theme and positions us better in the marketplace. In addition, in conjunction with our HMH editors, we have narrowed our choices for cover artist down to two—and either will be amazing!

Second, as …

The Seers’ Table April 2021

The Seers Table!

The Seers Table

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

Linda Addison recommends:

Jacqueline Dyre is the editor and publisher of Novel Noctule. You can find them in the sunshine state, drinking poorly-made coffee and consuming psychological horror in lieu of meals. They are one of the recipients of the 2020 HWA Diversity Grants.

Novel Noctule is an online, monthly independent fiction magazine dedicated to intellectual and new weird horror; they use horror to shed light on the human condition. Issues contain two or three original stories, poetry, artwork, creator spotlights, and


The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is committed to recognizing and proliferating non-fiction and academic writing that seeks to expand the understanding of all facets of the horror genre. From horror film studies to close textual analysis of gothic poetry and all mediums in between, expanding horror discourse is a critical element to the genre as a whole. HWA contributes to the horror scholar discourse in a variety of ways.

Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference

Debuting at the 2017 StokerCon in Long Beach, the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference (AnnRadCon) was created by Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak to provide a venue for …

Announcing JG Faherty as Our New Mentorshp Program Manager

After four years at the helm, Brian J. Hatcher is stepping down as Program Manager for the HWA’s Mentorship Program.

Under Brian’s leadership, the Mentor Program experienced tremendous growth and saw major improvements in scheduling and quality despite the increase in participants each year. Brian will be focusing once more on his own creative endeavors, including writing and editing, and the Board wishes him continued success.

JG Faherty, who has served as the Assistant Manager of the Mentorship Program since 2019, will be taking over management of the program. JG has been a mentor since 2011, and received the Mentor …

The Seers’ Table March 2021

The Seers Table

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

You can see any of The Seers’ Table posts since inception (March 2016) from the menu item “Diverse Works” on top of the HWA main page.

Kate Jonez introduces:

David R. Slayton grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where finding fantasy novels was pretty challenging and finding fantasy novels with diverse characters was downright impossible. Now he lives in Denver, Colorado and writes the books he always wanted to read.

Recommended: White Trash Warlock. Not all magicians go to schools of magic.

Adam Binder has the Sight. It’s a power …

2020 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot Announced

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is pleased to announce the Final Ballot for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards®. The HWA is the premier writers organization in the horror and dark fiction genre, with more than 1,700 members. We have presented the Bram Stoker Awards in various categories since 1987.

Works on this ballot may be referred to as “nominees,” “finalists,” or “nominated works,” and their authors as “finalists.” If your work appears on this ballot, please e-mail your preferred mailing address to stokerchair@horror.org by March 1 to assist in the preparation and mailing of your Bram Stoker Awards Finalist certificate.…

StokerCon™ 2021 Special Announcement

The Horror Writers Association has made the difficult decision to shift StokerCon™ 2021 from an in-person event to a virtual platform during its originally scheduled May 20 to 23 dates. With the ongoing pandemic, the emergence of viral variants, and the broad range of travel obstacles around the world, we have deemed this to be the safest, most responsible way to hold the event.

As might be expected with an event of this size, switching to a virtual footing poses many challenges, but Con co-chairs, James Chambers and Brian Matthews; HWA President, John Palisano; Vice President, Meghan Arcuri; Administrator, Brad …

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