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A Thin Veil of the Cosmos | Thomas Michael Thomas The Caretaker | Author - Cass Clarke Darkest Days and Haunted Ways | Ashley Dioses Girl, Incorrupted: a love-horror story | Megan Bledsoe Never Wake: An Anthology of Dream Horror | Kenneth W. Cain and Tim Meyer Vampire Dentist | Christine J. Whitlock There's No Way I'd Die First | Lisa Springer What Doesn't Kill You | Ken Brosky The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn | Sheldon Higdon Who Haunts You | Mark Wheaton A Mother's Torment | Xavier Poe Kane Nightmares | Sandra Becerril The Foot Doctor | A.J. Spencer The Dead Shall Rise: Zombie Zombie Zombie A Shadow of Your Former Self | Amy Grech Shallow Waters Vol.9 | Joe Mynhardt Poetic Nightmares | Kerry E.B. Black CURSE OF THE BARRENS: An AMERI-SCARES Novel | David Simms Bride of the Tornado | James Kennedy T is for Torture | Marie Lestrange Haunted Inns & Hotels in VIrginia | Susan Schwartz BROTHERS OF BLOOD, A New Orleans Vampyre Novella | J.T. Patten PASSING THROUGH VEILS | John Harrison Benighted | E.L. Giles An Unholy Triquetra | William Meikle, Jason Parent, and Curtis M. Lawson The Woodcutter | Stephanie Ellis Peril at Price Manor | Laura Parnum Fashion Trends, Deadly Ends | Brianna Malotke Poetic Nightmares | Kerry E.B. Black Shadows on Glass and Other Stories | Jamie Lackey Devil's Advocates – I Walked with a Zombie | Clive Dawson Shakespeare Unleashed | James Aquilone Horror Library, Volume 8 | Eric J. Guignard The Sandbox | Andrews & Wilson The Color of Melancholy | Steve Stred Teeth Where They Shouldn't Be | Chad Stroup The Butterfly Circle | Mary Carroll Monsters Are Real | V.L. Jones The Morass: Servant of the Fly God | Zachary Ashford The Price of a Small Hot Fire | E. F. Schraeder Fuzzy | Author: Roni Stinger Burn the Negative | Josh Winning The Church on Wormhill Street | Christopher Henderson I'll Tell You My Secrets | A. Lopez Jr. Twisted Tales from the Darkside - The Devil's Playground | L.T. James The Ouija Board Said It Was Hungry: And Other Stories | Brandon Wills Bunker Dogs | Gage Greenwood Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising The Hurricane Caged Inside of Her | Erik Hofstatter Engelstatt | Samuel Church Blackened Roots: An Anthology Of The Undead | Editors: Nicole Givens Kurtz and Tonia Ransom Changing Tide | Robert Joncas We're Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror It Haunts the Mind | Nick Roberts Raven's Creek | David-Jack Fletcher Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Book One | Konn Lavery Scattered Thoughts: Volume III | Jeff Oliver Miller's Ridge | William Mullins In the House of In Between | J.D. Buffington Bloofer | Cathleen Allyn Conway THE GIRLS IN THE CABIN | Caleb Stephens Maybe There Are Witches | Jude Atwood Mr. Jacobs vs. the Demonic Clowns from the Great Beyond | Jeff Folschinsky The Shadow Dancers of Brixton Hill | Nicole Willson The Art of Ghost Writing | Alistair Rey Open House | Nico Bell Within: A Three Part Horror | Edmund Stone Table for 3: A Charity Anthology | Editor: Holly Rae Garcia The Night Mother | John Everson Midnight at Bat Hollow | Eric Avedissian The Science Fictionary | Robert W. Bly One Helluva Night | Stephanie Sparks The Lore of Inscrutable Dreams | Colleen Anderson Charcoal | Vanessa Perry Night's Plutonian Shore | Garrett Boatman The Headless Boy | Kelli Owen The North Woods | Douglass Hoover Against the Clock | Mark Allan Gunnells, Shane Nelson, and Brandon Ford The Group | Khurram elahi What Happened Was Impossible | E.F. Schraeder Dracula Beyond Stoker Issue 2 Devil Kin | Stephanie Ellis The Exorcism of Eve | Eddie J. Morales Condemned: The Draonir Saga Book 3 by Sirius A Hunter Called Night | Tim Waggoner Artie's Bark | Jason Savio Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen | Roh Morgon Devil's Track | Julie Hiner The Intruders | Brian Pinkerton Little Mutilations | Jess Landry, Sofia Ajram, and Nadia Bulkin Savage Magic | Eddie Generous LETHAL | Katherine Kerestman Constellations of Ruin | Andrew S. Fuller Bedlam | Charlene Elsby The Story Generator | Mark All They Hide: Short Stories to Tell in the Dark | Francesca Maria The Night Belongs to Us by Jess Landry Hyde Cove | Joseph PesaventoLive Wire | Kyle Toucher Paranormal Pest Control | Lara Frater Infinite Black: Tales From The Abyss | Jeff Oliver and Dan Verkys Esprit de Corpse | Ef Deal The Lies We Weave | Grace R. Reynolds Rivers in Your Skin, Sirens in Your Hair | Marisca Pichette Girl of Light | Elana Gomel Poems and Potables with F. Larry Frankenstein | Timothy Lawver Hell, Delaware: One Town's History of Horrific Happenings | Kenneth W. Cain The Seething | Ben Monroe Perfect Sacrifices | Diane M. Johnson Where Did the Wind Go? | J. M. Failde Hell on High | Michael Clark Serpent Sword: Battle for the Wastelands #2 | Matthew W. Quinn Dark and Lonely Water | Graeme Reynolds Darkness Below | Barbara Cottrell Night's Plutonian Shore | Garrett Boatman Sleep Alone | J.A.W. McCarthy NSFW | David Scott Hay Suburban Monsters | Christopher Hawkins Memories Don't Lie | Pauline Yates American Cannibal | Rebecca Rowland The Hook | James Pack Joey Leonard's Last Horror Movie Marathon | Kevin Lucia The Triangle Forest | Edward J. Flora Annie Pilgrim | Eddie Generous The Suffering | MJ Mars The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future | Christi Nogle The Insatiable Hunger of Trees | Samantha Eaton Vandal: Stories of Damage | Kaaron Warren, Aaron Dries, and J.S. Breukelaar A Blackness Absolute | Caitlin Marceau The Tales of Time | L. Marie Wood The Open Book | L. Marie Wood Monstersona | Chloe Spencer It Doesn't Go Away | Wendy Dalrymple Wasps in the Ice Cream | Tim McGregor Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger | KC Grifant Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 | Donna J. W. Munro Unshod, Cackling, and Naked | Tamika Thompson Inside The Devil's Nest | John Durgin Sometimes Creek | Steve Fox Episode Thirteen | Craig DiLouie Miracles for Masochists | Authors: James G. Carlson & Michael R. Collins. Editor: James G. Carlson Nightwood | Elana Gomel Oblivion's Child | Tommy B. Smith Ragman | JG Faherty The Cemetery 6: Tales of Terror | David B Bond Secrets of Mother | Sirrah Medeiros Species | William Burke Fix | Melodie Bolt The Vampire's War | Damian Serbu Cutthroat Express | Bryan Cassiday Der Wald | Benjamin Gardner The Room At The End Of The Hall | Lori R. Lopez Among Friends | Bryan W. Alaspa Season of the Sickness | Harry J Vaughn

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