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HWA Members New Releases – 2024


Welcome to the showcase of new releases!

Select a book cover to purchase or learn more about it or the author.

You can view the wall of amazing cover art from past years by using the dropdown in the menu above.

And members, please sign into the members-only area to submit upcoming releases using the link on the Promote Yourself page. Thank you!

Cursed | Kevin Bachar Lord of the Feast | Tim Waggoner The Thing in the Wind | Bill Mullen The Count | David-Jack Fletcher The Unholy Trinity | L. Marie Wood Ink Vine | Eliza Broadbent The Legends of Sleepy Hollow | Paul Carro & Washington Irving Muse | LCW Allingham Trailer Park | C. D. Kester The Body As Haunted | Pixie Bruner The Ghost of Ravenswood Hall | H.B. Diaz A Graveyard of Stars | Joseph Sale, Lee Mountford, and Dan Soule The Sinful Maternal: Motherhood in Possession Films | Lauren Rocha Shadow's Gate: Tales from the Threshold of Terror | Sharon Marie Provost Mesonoxian | Roland Blackburn The Pressure | Bryan Wayne Dull Shadow of the Hidden | Kev Harrison One of the Dead | Barber, Richard Farren Mean Spirited | Nick Roberts Blackout: White Harbor Book 2 | Carlos E. Rivera Price Slashers | Erica Summers, Chisto Healy, Michael R. Collins Dirty Spirits | Sawney Hatton Hollow Girls | Jessica Drake-Thomas Lady Changeling: Anniversary Edition | Ken Altabef Hell, Incorporated | Jeff Folschinsky Arithmophobia: An Anthology of Mathematical Horror | Robert Lewis Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations | Carina Bissett The Mirror of Eternity | Garrett Boatman The Demon Secret | Daniel Gindlesperger The Dead Years | Jeffrey B. Burton F.U.B.B. | Volpe, Daniel J.; Bark, Jasper; Nola, Candace We Don't Talk Anymore and Other Dark Fictions | JP Behrens The Burying Point | Derik Cavignano The Winslow Sisters | Michael Aronovitz The Devil's Backbone | Ronald Kelly, Laurel Hightower, and Red Lagoe The Nightmare Machine: An Action-Packed Horror-Thriller | Tim White Of Immortality and Deathly Cuteness | Juliette Kings Marla Todd Gunther | James Kaine Question Not My Salt | Amanda M. Blake The Space Between | Larry Hinkle Voices and Other Unsettling Tales | Alan Amrhine Shadowrun: The Mosaic Run Auditions | Jennifer Brozek Juego de niños (Child's play) | Edited by: Walter Jay Written by: Sandra Becerril & Henry Bedwell Pyramidia | Stephanie Sanders-Jacob The Mystery of Lullabies | Christopher Bevard The Bedmakers | Chad Lutzke and John Boden The Village of C | Adam Millard Inkblots: A Poet’s Perception | Jeff Oliver Sick xoxo | Kenya Moss-Dyme Send Me Your Nightmares | Robert Kluver Deadly Choices: Will You Survive? Camp Meltaway | Caitlyn Pace and Tiffany Pace Journey to Ishtar Terra and Other Tales | Catt Colborn A Bright and Beautiful Eternal World | James Chambers Cymbals Eat Guitars | Josh Hanson CREEP | Kevin Bachar Blackjack + Moonshine | Sirius Hunted Highways: Road Trip Horror | Rowland Bercy Jr., Lucas Mangum, and Carver Pike Midnight on Beacon Street | Emily Ruth Verona 0116 - A Place for Vanishing | Ann Fraistat The Eleventh Door | James G. Carlson Deviants and Decadents by Lisa Vasquez The Serpents of Eden The Desert Island Game | Cat Voleur Master of Rods and Strings | Jason Marc Harris 12 Hours | L. Marie Wood Avoid Seeing a Mouse and Other Tales of the Real and Surreal | James Dorr Shadows & Ink: Mastering the Art of Horror Writing and Publishing | Joe Mynhardt The Lazarus Key | Rachel Aukes Metal Demon | Julie Hiner Those That Pursue Us Yet | Kyla Lee Ward Whispers from Beyond: A Showcase of Dark Poetry Monsters in the Bush | David Rose Mr. Penny-Farthing | Eric Avedissian Cacophony: The Realm, Book 2 | L. Marie Wood Accursed: The Realm, Book 3 | L. Marie Wood Feeders | Caleb Stephens Dead Letters: Episodes of Epistolary Horror | Jacob Steven Mohr Crybaby Bridge: Slaughter in a Small Town | C.B. Jones The Afterlife of Frankenstein: A Century of Mad Science, Automata, and Monsters Influenced by Mary Shelley, 1818-1918 | David Sandner The Circus | M.D. LaBelle Splitting Sides 1 and 2: Tales of Humorous Horror | David Schembri Gollitok | Andrew Najberg The Black Moth | Carolyne Topdjian The Divine Darkness | Lee Mitchell In the Woods: A Fiction Foundry Anthology | Robert Lewis Incident on and off a Mountain Road | Joe R. Lansdale The Conservator’s Collection: Derelict | John Durgin, John Lynch, and Jay Bower Dracula Beyond Stoker Issue 3: The Bloofer Lady | Tucker Christine Vicarious | Chloe Spencer Ammit | Aaron R. Tyler Fairlight | Adrian Chamberlin The Cats of Belle Rouge & Other Screaming Demons | Jeffrey LeBlanc Island of the Giant Snail: First Edition | Jeffrey LeBlanc A Dark Roux | Blaine Daigle God's Monsters: Vengeful Spirits, Deadly Angels, Hybrid Creatures, and Divine Hitmen of the Bible | Esther J. Hamori Fantasmagoriana Deluxe: A Combined Edition of Fantasmagoriana and Tales of the Dead | Eric J. Guignard and Leslie S. Klinger The Clocks of Midnight | Garrett Boatman The Elric Undoing | Cassandra Celia Midnight Masquerade | Greg Chapman The Shadow of Banshee Hill | Fionn Mac Meldrum Blood and Verse | Chris McAuley, Jeff Oliver, Illustrated by Dan Verkys The Realm | L. Marie Wood Midnight Masquerade 1029_Fischer_mall_200h Christmas and Other Horrors 1023_Singh_chaos_200h Abject Fear Paul Carro 1020_Hanson_kinghill_200h Polyphemus | Zachary Ashford Merciless Waters | Rae Knowles Hole: A Small-Town Horror Novel | Matthew Doggett The Horror at Pleasant Brook | Kevin Lucia Maya the Vampire: Blood and Fur | Benjamin P Lovegrove
The Weird Cat Deathrealm: Spirits | Stephen Mark Rainey Along About Midnight The Devil Thinks I'm Pretty Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1 | Robert Lewis & Bryan Bonner The Black Beacon Book of Horror: 1 | Cameron Trost Beast | Lindz McLeod 1010_rowland_trash_200h 1003_macgregor_novus_200h 1003_Barnes_dummy_200h 0916_Carlin_dogcatcher_200h 0915_Chaney_freshhell_200h dark-corners-of-the-old-dominion We Used to Be Different: a collection of stories and miniatures | Elle Mitchell Chasing Shadows: Convocation | Zachariah Jones All Pumpkins' Eve | Mark Milbrath Glass House | Paul Jessup Blood In The Holler | David Sangiao-Parga Road Trip and Other Highway Horrors | David Greske More Dark Tales of Cryptids and Park Rangers | Michael Kelso Gods of IMAGO | Greg Belliveau The Scary Abecedary | Brooke Mackenzie Frost Bite | Angela Sylvaine 1002-Blood In The Holler | David Sangiao-Parga White Trash & Recycled Nightmares | REBECCA ROWLAND Tomorrow & Tomorrow | Lillah Lawson and Lauren Emily Whalen Foxfire | Rowan Hill Let Me Tell You a Story | Tim Waggoner Cry Baby Bridge | LCW Allingham, River Eno and Susan Tulio The Devil's Promise | Celso Hurtado Spirits of the Dead | Keith Gilman Songs in the Key of Death | JG Faherty Thin Places | Barbara Cottrell The Damned: Classic Monsters LaMalfa_forbidden_200h 12 Foot Skeleton Poems | David Barker Impulses of a Necrotic Heart: and Other Afflictions | Red Lagoe 0720_Boiteau_iltday_200h COLD, BLACK & INFINITE: STORIES OF THE HORRIFIC & STRANGE | Todd Keisling October Screams: A Halloween Anthology Pre-Approved for Haunting | Patrick Barb Crawling: A Horror Anthology String Them Up | William Sterling Ascent of a Vengeful Woman | Ashon Ruffins On the Subject of Blackberries | Stephanie M. Wytovich Never Whistle at Night | Shane Hawk Theodore C. Van Alst Jr. Hollow | Davide Tarsitano The Broken Heart | N.J. Gallegos Shadowrun: The Kilimanjaro Run | Jennifer Brozek Sasquatch, Baby! | Bethany Browning A Thin Veil of the Cosmos | Thomas Michael Thomas The Caretaker | Author - Cass Clarke Darkest Days and Haunted Ways | Ashley Dioses Girl, Incorrupted: a love-horror story | Megan Bledsoe Never Wake: An Anthology of Dream Horror | Kenneth W. Cain and Tim Meyer Vampire Dentist | Christine J. Whitlock There's No Way I'd Die First | Lisa Springer What Doesn't Kill You | Ken Brosky The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn | Sheldon Higdon Who Haunts You | Mark Wheaton A Mother's Torment | Xavier Poe Kane Nightmares | Sandra Becerril The Foot Doctor | A.J. Spencer The Dead Shall Rise: Zombie Zombie Zombie A Shadow of Your Former Self | Amy Grech Shallow Waters Vol.9 | Joe Mynhardt Poetic Nightmares | Kerry E.B. Black CURSE OF THE BARRENS: An AMERI-SCARES Novel | David Simms Bride of the Tornado | James Kennedy T is for Torture | Marie Lestrange Haunted Inns & Hotels in VIrginia | Susan Schwartz BROTHERS OF BLOOD, A New Orleans Vampyre Novella | J.T. Patten PASSING THROUGH VEILS | John Harrison Benighted | E.L. Giles An Unholy Triquetra | William Meikle, Jason Parent, and Curtis M. Lawson The Woodcutter | Stephanie Ellis Peril at Price Manor | Laura Parnum Fashion Trends, Deadly Ends | Brianna Malotke Poetic Nightmares | Kerry E.B. Black Shadows on Glass and Other Stories | Jamie Lackey Devil's Advocates – I Walked with a Zombie | Clive Dawson Shakespeare Unleashed | James Aquilone Horror Library, Volume 8 | Eric J. Guignard The Sandbox | Andrews & Wilson The Color of Melancholy | Steve Stred Teeth Where They Shouldn't Be | Chad Stroup The Butterfly Circle | Mary Carroll Monsters Are Real | V.L. Jones The Morass: Servant of the Fly God | Zachary Ashford The Price of a Small Hot Fire | E. F. Schraeder Fuzzy | Author: Roni Stinger Burn the Negative | Josh Winning The Church on Wormhill Street | Christopher Henderson I'll Tell You My Secrets | A. Lopez Jr. Twisted Tales from the Darkside - The Devil's Playground | L.T. James The Ouija Board Said It Was Hungry: And Other Stories | Brandon Wills Bunker Dogs | Gage Greenwood Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising The Hurricane Caged Inside of Her | Erik Hofstatter Engelstatt | Samuel Church Blackened Roots: An Anthology Of The Undead | Editors: Nicole Givens Kurtz and Tonia Ransom Changing Tide | Robert Joncas We're Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror It Haunts the Mind | Nick Roberts Raven's Creek | David-Jack Fletcher Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Book One | Konn Lavery Scattered Thoughts: Volume III | Jeff Oliver Miller's Ridge | William Mullins In the House of In Between | J.D. Buffington Bloofer | Cathleen Allyn Conway THE GIRLS IN THE CABIN | Caleb Stephens Maybe There Are Witches | Jude Atwood Mr. Jacobs vs. the Demonic Clowns from the Great Beyond | Jeff Folschinsky The Shadow Dancers of Brixton Hill | Nicole Willson The Art of Ghost Writing | Alistair Rey Open House | Nico Bell Within: A Three Part Horror | Edmund Stone Table for 3: A Charity Anthology | Editor: Holly Rae Garcia The Night Mother | John Everson Midnight at Bat Hollow | Eric Avedissian The Science Fictionary | Robert W. Bly One Helluva Night | Stephanie Sparks The Lore of Inscrutable Dreams | Colleen Anderson Kohu | Daniela E. Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness

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