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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Horror Writers Association (HWA)

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General Questions about the HWA

What is the Horror Writers Association (HWA)?
The HWA is an international organization of writers and publishing professionals dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

Who can join the HWA?
Membership is open to professional and aspiring writers of horror fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, poetry, and other forms of dark literature, as well as agents, editors, publishers, and others involved in the production and promotion of horror literature. For more information, visit https://horror.org/joining-the-hwa/.

How does one become a member of the HWA?
Interested individuals can apply for membership through the HWA website. There are different membership categories based on professional experience and achievements in the field of horror writing. Membership regulations, including qualifications for the different levels, can be found here: https://horror.org/join-now-choose-the-appropriate-category/.

What are the benefits of joining the HWA?
Benefits include access to exclusive resources, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, eligibility for scholarships and grants, participation in HWA-sponsored events, and the opportunity to vote in the Bram Stoker Awards®.

What are the Bram Stoker Awards®?
The Bram Stoker Awards® are presented annually by the HWA to honor superior achievement in horror literature across various categories, including novels, short stories, non-fiction, and screenwriting.

Does the HWA offer any resources for new writers?
Yes, the HWA offers a variety of resources for emerging writers, including a mentorship program, writing workshops, scholarships, and opportunities to connect with established professionals in the genre.

How can I find out about HWA events and conferences?
Information about upcoming events, conferences, and workshops can be found on the HWA’s website and through its newsletters and social media channels.

Is the HWA involved in any educational or community outreach programs?
The HWA is involved in several outreach programs aimed at educating the public about horror literature and supporting horror writers, including library and school programs, public readings, and panel discussions.

Can non-writers join the HWA?
Yes, the HWA offers affiliate memberships for fans and enthusiasts of horror literature who may not be writers themselves but wish to support the genre and the association.

How can I contribute to or support the HWA?
Contributions can be made by becoming a member, volunteering for HWA programs, donating to scholarship funds, or participating in HWA events and initiatives.

Member Support & Feedback

If you need help or have feedback on one of our applications, please use the appropriate channels for the quickest response. You’ll find support emails at the bottom of this page.


I did not receive my member renewal notice.
Please check your Spam/Junk folders and ensure that the domains horror.org and wildapricot.org have been added to your safe-senders list. You may also login into your account directly at wildapricot.org and pay the invoice there. For a walk-thru, please visit https://hwa46.wildapricot.org/How-To-Use-This-Site

I won’t be able to renew before the Jan 1st due date.
Our grace period extends into March. As long as you’re renewed before the grace period ends, your account will remain active.

My renewal invoice was incorrect / I shouldn’t have received an invoice.
Please contact our Membership Team directly.

I’m not renewing this year / I won’t be able to renew until much later in the year.
Should you wish to renew late or rejoin at any point in the future, simply email admin@horror.org or the Membership Team at Membership@horror.org and they can restore your profile. This will prevent the need to re-apply.


Where can I find information on StokerCon, including registration links and hotel booking?
All information and relevant links are at https://www.stokercon.com/.

I cannot attend StokerCon. How do I request a refund?
There will be a link to the Eventbrite.com refund portal on the receipt you were emailed. Alternatively, you can login at Eventbrite, find your ticket, and request a refund. We ask that all refund requests are handled through Eventbrite for accuracy.


Horror University courses can be found here: https://horror-university.teachable.com/courses. Membership is required for eligible discount codes. https://horror.org/members-only/2017/05/29/discounts-program/#horroru



If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Change Password” link on either the HWA WildApricot homepage or the “Forgot Your Email or Password” link on the WildApricot.com sign-in page (https://register.wildapricot.com/login). We do not have access to your password and cannot tell you what it is. Contact webmaster@horror.org if you still cannot log in. Note any error messages you’re receiving, and screenshots are helpful.


We have consolidated member logins to one portal. This is controlled by your Wild Apricot account. This is also how you access your directory listing, manage your invoices, and renew your membership. That password can be reset by following the instructions here: http://hwa46.wildapricot.org/How-To-Use-This-Site


The HWA forums no longer exist. Please visit our Facebook group to interact with your fellow Horror professionals.

For Further Assistance

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