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A Letter about the HWA Mentor Program

Starting out as a writer can be difficult. You may feel that you’re alone, that no one understands the issues you are going through, and that fulfilling your writing dreams is beyond you. However, none of this is true, and help is just around the corner. Enter the HWA Mentorship Program.

For new writers, the Program offers mentees a personal, one-on-one experience with a professional writer, tailor-made to help them grow in their writing and teach them how to better market their work. For experienced writers, the Program allows mentors a chance to pay forward the experience and encouragement other writers gave them when they were starting out. In addition, there is the added benefit of growing as a writer oneself through the act of teaching others. In short, the Program benefits all who participate, regardless of their roles.

Every year, the Program is divided into two four-month sessions: January through April, and June through September. Mentees who are accepted are required to have a polished piece of work (2-3 poems, completed short story, the first chapter of a novel or screenplay) ready to submit to their mentor at the start of their assigned session.

To join the program either as a mentor or a mentee, you must be an Active, Affiliate, Supporting, or Academic member in good standing with the HWA.

To enroll in the program as a prospective mentee, please click here to complete and submit the form.

If you are an Active member and interested in becoming a mentor, please email mentor@horror.org for more information.

For any other questions, email mentor@horror.org.

Welcome to the Program! I look forward to working with you.

JG Faherty
HWA Mentorship Program Manager

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