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Announcing HWA POETRY SHOWCASE X Selectees


Congratulations to all the poets and poems that made the HWA Poetry Showcase X, and thank you to everyone who submitted. There were nearly 300 poems submitted, all excellent. It was difficult to whittle down to just 50 poets. For everyone not on this list, you should feel proud. If we could include all 300 submissions we would. Each of these poems was worth it.

Thank you to this year’s judges: Eugen Bacon, Katherine Quevedo, Colleen Anderson and Timothy Flynn for all their hard work that went into creating this list. I appreciate everything you did. Next year Showcase 11 will be in the capable hands of the next editor, Maxwell I. Gold.


Congratulations to the HWA Poetry Showcase X selectees!

Sara Tantlinger — “Sinews and Salt”
Carina Bissett — “Sleeping Beauties”
Ann K. Schwader — “Wolf Children”
Emily Ruth Verona — “[How Not to Be] Devoured”
Jacqueline West — “You Have Her Eyes”
Lee Murray — “red wind”
Maxwell I. Gold — “When Stars Were Riddled with Termites”
Angela Liu — “The Room Never Had A Window”
Azzurra Nox — “The Photographer”
Gerri Leen — “Crows and Ghouls”
Stephanie M. Wytovich — “Bride, Woman, Body”
Louise Worthington — “Lambs Tails”
Tiffany Rife — “I Only Ever Learned to Drown”
Dante Novario — “That Death Aesthetic”
Victoria Nations — “I WILL NOT BE THE GHOST”
Patricia Gomes — “The Blight of Keziah”
Cassondra Windwalker — “Vagabond”
Saba Syed Razvi — “Beneath A Wolf’s Moon, The Heart’s Kill Bitten Through Its Becoming”
Donna J. W. Munro — “Cosmic Triptych”
Jessica Drake-Thomas — “DEAD THINGS”
Trisha J. Wooldridge — “Portrait of Artistic License”
Christina Sng — “THE GIRL IN THE CAGE”
K.M. Bennett — “The Great Prototype Terror”
Russell Hemmell — “The City of Forgotten Stones”
Marisca Pichette — “damsels suffer distress”
Lisa Morton — “The House of Small Pictures”
Kate Boyes — “To Revel in What Others Grieve”
C.J. Carter-Stephenson — “THE LEECH”
Annie Neugebauer — “Chat gpt.”
Allie Marini — “Vukmira’s Teacup”
Pauline Yates — “What It Means To Be With You”
Naching T. Kassa — “MORGUE ROAD”
Galadriel Faye — “Trash”
Hillary Dodge — “Turris Nepenthes”
Alicia Hilton — “Baby Wanted to Come Back”
Robert Perez – “Cubozoa”
Gerry Huntman — “Dog Star Blues”
Brian J. Hatcher — “A Little Bad Air”
Rob E. Boley — “Behind My Face”
Melodie Bolt — “1816 The Nighthawk Mother”
John Bartell — “I am the angel”
Corey Niles — “rat king”
Graham Masterton — “DZIEWANNA”
Jonathan Louis Duckworth — “BESTIARY ENTRY 13: THE FLOWER OF WINTER”
Kyla Lee Ward — “Ophelia’s Return”
Grace R. Reynolds — “Mama’s Cherry Pie”
Stephanie Ellis — “Pilgrim”
Janine Cross — “Filling Holes”
Deborah L. Davitt — “Patchwork Girl”

And here is the cover for the 10th annual Showcase, again created by Kyra Starr. Thank you everyone!

🎃It’s the HWA’s first ever HALLOWEEN IN JULY fundraiser!🎃


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