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Announcing HWA POETRY SHOWCASE X Selectees

Congratulations to all the poets and poems that made the HWA Poetry Showcase X, and thank you to everyone who submitted. There were nearly 300 poems submitted, all excellent. It was difficult to whittle down to just 50 poets. For everyone not on this list, you should feel proud. If we could include all 300 submissions we would. Each of these poems was worth it.

Thank you to this year’s judges: Eugen Bacon, Katherine Quevedo, Colleen Anderson and Timothy Flynn for all their hard work that went into creating this list. I appreciate everything you did. Next year Showcase 11

Celebrating National Haiku Writing Month: The Thrills of Horror Haiku

As February marks National Haiku Writing Month, it’s time to explore the dark and eerie side of poetry. Horror haiku presents a unique opportunity to craft spine-tingling tales in just three lines often using a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables. These mini-stories can evoke fear and suspense, making them perfect for fans of horror and thriller genres. In this post, we’ll go over tips and ideas for writing effective horror haiku that will send shivers down your reader’s spines.

First and foremost, horror haiku should have a strong visual element. Use vivid imagery to paint a picture in your reader’s mind …

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