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Veterans in Horror Spotlight 2023: Jay Whales


Jay Whales Biography

Jay Whales is a US Army Veteran with 25 years of active duty and nine years as a Department of Defense contractor. Jay was a Military Policeman, a CID Special Agent, and an anti-terrorism crime analyst. He owns a small business in Middle Tennessee while submitting his works. Jay grew up in Missouri.

Book Recommendation: Marquand Tales

Marquand Tales: A Non-Politically Correct Novel of Horror by Jay Whales is the no holds barred, non “woke” novel of horror about growing up in a small town infected with more than its fair share of things that go bump in the night. The residents of Marquand battle witches, in-bred rednecks, fake police officers, and aliens from other planets. They then have their morning coffee and continue the day battling monsters from below the earth’s surface, illegal aliens (YES, they do exist), bank robbers, a zombie that showed up once, wrestlers from the woods, moonshiners, revenuers, serial killers of all sorts and sizes, and this all before lunchtime.

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