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Watt-Evans Quote


(Lawrence Watt-Evans, HWA’s sixth President, served from 1994 to 1996)

I don’t know what effect I had on HWA, in the long run. It had fallen into a somewhat disorganized state when I was elected president, and I did my best to remedy that. I’m proud of creating the Internet Mailer and the first HWA website; some of my other attempts at innovation, though, were less successful, and many ideas that I held dear have been discarded by subsequent administrations.

I do know what effect it had on me, though, at least in part. It showed me that yes, I did have some organizational skills, and it taught me that horror writers are the nicest writers in the business. I’ve dealt with SF, fantasy, mystery, romance, and western writers, and the folks in HWA were the best of the lot.

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