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Veterans in Horror Spotlight 2023: Douglass Hoover



Douglass Hoover Biography

Douglass Hoover is the author of The North Woods, The Accursed Huntsman, and The Homestead. He is a Marine Corps infantry combat veteran and holds an MFA from Emerson College. His days are spent writing, hunting, and blacksmithing on his small farm in rural Maine with his wife, Patience, and their three mutts, Bug, Furiosa, and Skootcha Nunchuck Monsterface.


Book Recommendation:  The North Woods

Follow their adventures on Instagram @StripedDogForge, @DouglassHooverAuthor, or at www.stripeddogforge.com

Over three million acres of dense woodlands make up the North Maine Woods. There are no major towns. No public roads. Nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see. 

When two Marines and their Corpsman reunite after a decade apart, they find themselves caught up in the mystery of their former squad leader’s disappearance. With little more to go on than a handful of disturbing charcoal sketches and the whispers of a local legend, they plunge into the depths of one of America’s last truly wild places. 

But the trees themselves begin to whisper dark secrets. Secrets of trafficking and violence. Of rotten science and blood. Of something else that lurks in the shadows of the pines — something ancient, savage, and hungry.

The North Woods stands as Hoover’s second venture into the horror genre. The story revolves around three combat veterans reunited after a decade apart in a desperate search for their missing squad leader. Trapped in the depths of the North Maine Woods, they find themselves pitted against the unknown horrors that creep in the shadows of the pines. On the surface, The North Woods is a fast-paced dive into survival horror that will leave you glancing over your shoulder in the dark, but at its heart, it’s a tale of forgiveness, redemption, and the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood forged in combat.


Take a stroll into The North Woods, but be warned: the darkness has teeth.


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