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Celebrating Our Elders: Interview with Koji Suzuki

Did you start out writing or working in the horror field, and if so why? If not, what were you writing initially and what compelled you to move into horror?

My first novel Paradise was a love story in the South Pacific during the Age of Discovery (my second novel was Ring) and my third novel was also situated in the South Pacific, the story centers around a destined love story between a crew on a tuna fishing ship and a lovely female singer-songwriter. I personally am a yachtsman, so the ocean is the one situation I can really …

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Christine Sng

Christina Sng is the three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of A Collection of Nightmares, A Collection of Dreamscapes, and Tortured Willows. Her poetry, fiction, essays, and art appear in numerous venues worldwide, including Interstellar Flight Magazine, New Myths, Penumbric, Southwest Review, and The Washington Post.

FB, Instagram, Twitter: @christinasng

What inspired you to start writing?

When I played as a child, I was always telling a story. Writing allowed me to immortalize it on paper.


What was it about the horror genre that drew you to it?

I grew up with it. The 80s was the golden age of

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Bryan Thao Worra

Bryan Thao Worra is the author of 10+ books. One of the first Lao Americans to arrive in the US in 1973, and the first Lao American to hold a professional membership in the Horror Writers Association. He holds over 20 national and international awards for his writing and community leadership. He served as the president of the International Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association from 2016-2022. He has presented at the Smithsonian and the 2012 London Summer Games on the role of the imagination and memory in creative writing as a poet and prose writer, focusing on the creative

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Tracie McBride

What inspired you to start writing?

My origin story is probably a very familiar one to most writers. It started early in childhood with a love of books and a reverence for those who created them. Then, in primary school, praise came from teachers for my early efforts at written storytelling. High school hit, then adulthood, and somewhere along the line, I shelved the childhood dream of becoming a writer. I picked it up again when my first child started school and I undertook online study to earn a Creative Writing Diploma, naively thinking I might have time to devote

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with L. Chan

L CHAN hails from Singapore. He spends most of his time wrangling a team of two dogs, Mr Luka and Mr Telly. His work has appeared in places like Clarkesworld, Translunar Travellers Lounge, Podcastle, the Dark and he was a finalist for the 2020 Eugie Foster Memorial Award. He tweets inordinately @lchanwrites and can be found on the web at https://lchanwrites.wordpress.com/

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always been a voracious devourer of stories – books, comics, games, movies. I guess we all start telling ourselves stories in our heads, our own heads. Oddly enough, my writing did get

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Dan Rabarts

Dan Rabarts (Ngati Porou) is an award-winning author and editor living in Porirua, Aotearoa New Zealand. He is a four-time recipient of New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award and three-time winner of the Australian Shadows Award.

His short stories have been published worldwide, and he is the author of the steampunk-grimdark-comic fantasy series Children of Bane (Brothers of the Knife, Sons of the Curse, Sisters of Spindrift, Daughters of Dust).

Together with Lee Murray, he co-wrote the Path of Ra crime-noir thriller series (Hounds of the Underworld, Teeth of the Wolf, Blood of the

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Catherine Yu

Catherine Yu writes dark speculative fiction. She was born in Nanjing and is now based in New York. She is a graduate of Odyssey Writing Workshop. Direwood is her debut novel from Page Street Publishing. Helga, a YA Frankenstein reimagining, is coming out in 2024. She can be found at catherineyuwrites.com.

What inspired you to start writing?

An early love of reading definitely helped. (And honestly, Scooby Doo fanfiction was where I started.)

What was it about the horror genre that drew you to it?

Horror is a great way to delve into and investigate scary stuff. Monsters are

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Kelsea Yu

Kelsea Yu is a Taiwanese Chinese American writer who is eternally enthusiastic about sharks and appreciates a good ghost story. Her short stories and essays appear in magazines such as Fantasy, PseudoPod, and Reckoning, and in various anthologies. Her novella Bound Feet is published with Cemetery Gates Media, and her debut novel It’s Only a Game is forthcoming from Bloomsbury Children’s in 2024. Kelsea lives with her husband, children, and a pile of art supplies in the Pacific Northwest. Find her on Instagram and Twitter as @anovelescape or visit her website kelseayu.com.

What inspired you to start writing?


Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Hannah Yang

Hannah Yang is a Chinese-American speculative fiction author who writes about all things strange and surreal. Her work has appeared in Apex Magazine, The Dark Magazine, and Nightmare Magazine, among other places. Her short story “Eating Bitterness” was a finalist for the 2021 Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards.

Hannah grew up writing in the rainy suburbs of Seattle and got her BA at Yale University. She now lives in Colorado, which she finds obnoxiously sunny. When she’s not writing, you can find her painting watercolors, playing guitar, or hiking in the Rockies. Follow her work at hannahyang.com or on

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Simo Srinivas

Simo Srinivas lives in Colorado with their spouse and two senior, standard-issue tabby cats. Their horror fiction has appeared in Dark Matter Presents: MONSTROUS FUTURES, Deathcap & Hemlock, and The Archive of the Odd, among others. When not writing about all things weird and queer, Simo can be found on the trail intently counting pikas. You can also find them online at www.srinivassimo.com and on Twitter and Instagram: @srinivassimo.

What inspired you to start writing?

My father used to tell me bedtime stories about “The King and the Clown” based on South Indian folklore. After a while,

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with K.P. Kulski

K.P. KULSKI is a Hawaii-born Korean-American author, historian, and career vampire of patriarchal tears. Channeling a lifelong obsession with history and the morose, she’s managed to birth the gothic horror novel Fairest Flesh and novella House of Pungsu. She bartered nine years of her life to the U.S. Navy and Air Force for food and later taught college history to a captive audience. Trapped by a force field, she currently resides in the woods of Northeast Ohio where she (probably) brews potions and talks to ghosts. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @garnetonwinter or visit garnetonwinter.com.

What inspired

Asian Heritage in Horror: Interview with Wen Wen Yang

Wen Wen Yang is a first-generation Chinese American from the Bronx, New York. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University with a degree in English and creative writing. She listens to audiobooks at three-times speed, talks almost as fast, and misses dependable public transportation. You can find her short fiction in Fantasy Magazine, Zooscape, and more. An up-to-date bibliography is on WenWenWrites.com.

What inspired you to start writing?

I was always reading and imagining my own stories. Growing up poor, pen and paper are relatively cheap. When schoolwork moved to computers, my parents didn’t know if the Word

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