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The Bram Stoker Awards® Committee thanks all Horror Writers Association members who engaged in the Awards process for the 2022 season by recommending Works and sharing their Work, as well as horror authors, editors, producers, and publishers for submitting Works to the juries. This has been a very active and energized season, and as we move into its final weeks, the Committee would like to share some important reminders and an important request for HWA members’ cooperation in ensuring the integrity of the Awards (see “Important Request” below).


  • November 30, 2022 is the deadline to submit to the Juries Works published between January 1
    and November 30, 2022.
  • December 31, 2022 is the deadline to submit to the Juries Works published between December
    1 and December 31, 2022. No Works published before December 1 first will be accepted during
    this period.
  • January 15, 2023 is the final date for members to recommend Works.
    The list of portals for submitting Works to a Jury can be found here:


All members should bear in mind the following key rules governing recommendations outlined in our
Awards Rules and Submissions guidelines respectively:

VI. Recommendations
“I. Recommending One’s Own Work: The Compiler will accept no recommendation from an author for that author’s own work. In the case of an anthology or other collaborative work, all contributors are considered to be authors of that work, and are therefore barred from recommending it. Further, the Compiler will accept no recommendation from any employee of a publisher for any work acquired or published by that publisher.” Awards Rules: [https://horror.org/awards/rules_current.pdf]

What Is Not Acceptable
“2. You may not solicit Bram Stoker Award® recommendations or votes. If you are an HWA member, you
may not comply with any such request. If you are a member you must not publicize your
Recommendations – remember, the Recs process is anonymous (Rule VIn), therefore publicizing your
Recommendation is a breach of that Rule.”

Submissions Guidelines:

Breaching this Rule can result in disqualification of the Works recommended.

IMPORTANT REQUEST: The Awards Committee has noted the participation this season of many new
HWA members and members recommending Works for the first time. We understand it is possible that
new members or those who have not previously engaged deeply in the Awards process may lack a
complete understanding of the Rules and process noted above.

We ask that any member who may have inadvertently breached the rule against solicitation of a
Recommendation or publicizing their Recommendations, such as by telling an author they have recommended their Work and/or asking them to reciprocate and recommend their own Work, to please contact the Committee at stokerchair@horror.org about these Recommendations.

Any instances of solicitation, reciprocation, or publicizing Recommendations disclosed to the Committee
in good faith will be addressed with the recommending member. Any instances of trading or publicizing
Recommendations that are not disclosed but identified independently by the Committee may result in
the disqualification of the recommended Works from Awards eligibility.

The Committee receives many inquiries about the process for offering eligible Work via Opt-In emails.
We direct all members to this page, www.thebramstokerawards.com/submissions/, which details this
process and outlines what is and is not acceptable. Please remember that members are never to use the
“Directory of Members Accepting Promo Material/Members Opt-In Promo Materials” for anything other
than to offer your work(s) to “Opt-In” members for the current awards year and to never use it to solicit
Bram Stoker recommendations or votes, either for yourself or for anyone else.

Lastly, the Committee urges those sharing Works via the Opt-In Process to avoid sending attachments,
especially those larger than 1MB in size, to avoid overloading recipients’ inboxes. It is preferable to send
download links or ask recipients to request the attachment before sending it.
The Committee thanks all our members for their cooperation and interest with these rules and requests.
Please contact stokerchair@horror.org with any questions.

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