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Halloween Haunts: Halloween Goal by Sèphera Girón


Halloween is always a fun time for horror lovers whether you’re a creator or a consumer or both.

This Halloween may be a bit different where you are because many parts of the world are still in a pandemic or lockdown or just coming out of one and so on. And of course, many parts of the world don’t celebrate Halloween.

This Halloween, try doing some self-care in-between all the festivities, if you are able to get to any.

Halloween night instead of being sad you still can’t go clubbing or dancing or attend a giant Halloween party or even go trick or treating, treat yourself to a bit of pampering.

Put on your favourite scary move and indulge yourself.

You can light a pumpkin spice candle or incense to set the mood. Be certain to light a few candles for that spooky yet thrilling Halloween ambiance.

Fill a pan with warm water and add some Epsom salts and soak your feet for a while. Or, if you’re really in the mood for it, take a warm bath with Epsom salts. The salts will withdraw toxins from your body.

Rub a nice lotion on your feet to soften them up.

When your feet feel good, you feel good.

You can also manicure your nails while your feet are soaking.

Once you’re finished the spa and movie, you can move onto another task.

You can make a list of all the things you want to accomplish over the next few months. In fact, you can write the list while your feet are soaking if you don’t want to watch a movie.

Write down all your goals, don’t second guess them, just write. Big goals, little goals. Don’t worry if you think they’ll never happen, they will.

Once you’ve made your list, read it out loud. Really think about each goal as you say it. Then roll up the paper and tie it with thread (yarn, string), it can be green, orange, or red.

You can save this mission statement in a special spot, or you can burn it. If you burn it, be sure to go outside. Wherever you are, be sure to have a container of water and/or a bowl of sand in case the flames get out of hand.

Never leave any candles burning unattended.

As you watch the smoke of your goals fly through the Halloween night, feel the energy of ambition and enthusiasm coarse through you.

Be certain to thank the spirits, your angels, your ancestors or whoever you usually commune with when you perform such rituals.

Happy Halloween!


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Sèphera Girón lives in Toronto and is enjoying all the wonderful things that being an empty-nester single lady in the Big City has to offer. Her published work includes four books with Leisure Horror (now at Crossroads Macabre Imprint) and three with Samhain Horror (find them on the new SCREAM app!) along with the occult Witch Upon a Star series with Riverdale Avenue Books and more. Sèphera is also working hard on some TV pilots and feature films and is looking for interested producers. Sèphera loves acting and you’ll see her in small parts in SLIME CITY MASSACRE and KILLER RACK, both directed by Gregory Lamberson. You can also play spot the bg performer in What We Do in the Shadows, Handmaid’s Tale, Schitt’s Creek, Mayor of Kingstown, The Shadow of the Moon, Titans, In the Dark, Sneakerella and more.




Check out my books on the brand new SCREAM: CHILLS AND THRILLS APP!

A Penny Saved

Experiments in Terror


Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sephera666

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/sephera

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sephera

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sepheragiron

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/sephera

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