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Cover Reveal and TOC Announcement for Poetry Showcase Vol. 8


The HWA is pleased to reveal the cover and table of contents for its Poetry Showcase Volume 8!

Edited by Stephanie Wytovich, Volume 8 features brand new dark poetry from members of the HWA.

Special thanks to Stephanie for her amazing efforts, as well as to Sara Tantlinger and Angela Yuriko Smith for acting as this year’s judges.

Thank you also to Robert Payne Cabeen, who not only has a poem in the volume but also did the fantastic cover art:

The top three poets this year are Ingrid L. Taylor, Lee Murray, and Brenda S. Tolian. Their work will be featured in a separate spotlight courtesy of the HWA Poetry Blog. Congratulations!

Below is the TOC (although the order will be slightly adjusted upon print):

    Artist/Poet Showcase:

      • Robert Payne Cabeen

    Crystal Lake Poetry Contest Winner:

      • E.F. Schraeder

    Showcase TOC:

           1. Bright Tapestry by Carina Bissett
      2. On the Altar of a Beseeching Bell, Woebegone with Captivity by Saba Syed Razvi
      3. Necrow by Querus Abuttu
      4. Afterlife by Mercedes M. Yardley
      5. Girls Who Create Monsters by Jeannine Hall Gailey
      6. Lucky Charm by Cynthia Pelayo
      7. Revelation 9:15 by Benicio Isandro
      8. orchid moon by Lee Murray
      9. Note for My Sisters When I Am Gone by Patricia Lillie
      10. All of the Ghosts Are Gone by Chad Helder
      11. What Monster is This by Ingrid L. Taylor
      12. Low Tide by Sarah Read
      13. ritual for reuniting with my favorite demon by Kailey Tedesco
      14. Sugar by Jacqueline West
      15. Visiting Hours by Vince A. Liaguno
      16. On Darkest Night of Faerie Bright by Sumiko Saulson
      17. A Woman’s Weapon by KC Grifant
      18. Epiales by Caitlin Marceau
      19. the umami of blood by Michael Arnzen
      20. Ferrywoman of Geoje-do by Patricia Flaherty Pagan
      21. Our Nightly Voyage by Amy Langevin
      22. The Serpents’ Tale by Lisa Morton
      23. We Are Born of Blade and Blood by Naching T. Kassa
      24. Buried by Lindy Ryan
      25. Seedling by Beverly Lee
      26. Dead as Brains by Lorna D. Keach
      27. Shadecrest Palisades by Manny Blacksher
      28. Skinwalker Moon by Brenda S. Tolian
      29. The Song of the Wandering Zombie by Graham Masterton
      30. Teeth by Brad Christy
      31. The Silence of God by Jamal Hodge
      32. A Garden of Flesh by Deborah L. Davitt
      33. Moon by Corrine De Winter
      34. Mine Offenses by R.J. Joseph
      35. Restless Spiritualists by Amanda Hard
      36. Night Out at the Old Circus by Ian Hunter
      37. Carefully Tended Horrors and Gardens by Trisha J. Wooldridge
      38. Carrie by Emma J. Gibbon
      39. Vargas Visits the Monastery (a Vampyre speech) by Patricia Gomes
      40. Long Forgotten by EV Knight
      41. Win, Lose by Donna Lynch
      42. The Madness of Monsters by Sheldon Woodbury
      43. Your Eyes, Umber Dark, A Disease by Lonni Nadler
      44. Death Mask by Stephanie Ellis
      45. The To-Do List that Never Ends by Kerri-Leigh Grady
      46. To Necrophilia by Katherine Kerestman
      47. There Is No Difference Between an Eye and a Mouth by Donyae Coles
      48. How Date Nights Bring You Ever Closer: A Forbidden Haibun by Terrie Leigh Relf
      49. Waning Moon by Alicia Hilton
      50. In a Place Somewhere Inside by Ronald J. Murray

Congratulations to these amazing poets!

For more information, check out Stephanie’s blog.

Available for purchase soon.

In the meantime, check out Volumes 1-7 here.

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