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…TOM SAWYER AND HUCK FINN by HWA Member Lisa Mannetti


Full Title: The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

Author: Lisa Mannetti

Huck always said it was a powerful lot of trouble to write a book, and if he’d a known it ahead of time, he wouldn’t a gone through with it. That’s his version of the truth, anyhow. And it’s a lot more work than anyone bargains for when they sit down to write—but you add writin along with me and Huck comin back as twin brothers and the feline familiars of a twenty-first century witch—and you got even more trouble. A whole cauldron-full more. Anyhow, this time I guess it’s me that has got to tell our story.

What would happen if the wily, willful Tom Sawyer and big-hearted, street-smart Huckleberry Finn were reincarnated into contemporary times as a pair of white cats? As Mark Twain first imagined them, Tom and Huck were adventurous young cohorts who just couldn’t stay out of trouble, and their reincarnation as cats hasn’t changed that at all! The boys return as twin white felines in contemporary New York State, where they become the familiars of a modern witch named Lily Blum and help her run a haunted bed and breakfast inn called the Chancery House. All manner of spooky doings occur at the Chancery House, and Tom and Huck have plenty of time to dream up mischief and hijinks in their tree house lair. Halloween is time for celebration at the inn, and the grand Witch’s Ball becomes the focus of the season. Witches, vampires and werewolves gather to celebrate, but such a mixture of magical folk can cause problems, particularly when Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are in the middle of things. The seasons move through Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, holidays filled with joy, magic, mystery…and murder.
The boys figure that they can use hoodoo to make themselves human again, but using magic can be very troublesome, particularly for these wayward souls. A wild séance brings the story of Tom and Huck full circle, a perfect coda to an entrancing and fanciful tale of magical white cats. Funny, dark, engaging and heart-warming, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER AND HUCK FINN is written with a scholar’s eye for history and an artful reader’s ear for the cadence of Mark Twain’s writing style and use of language. Available in full-sized soft cover and Kindle editions. Be sure to visit the splendid web site inspired by this novel at www.thechanceryhouse.com, and, for more about the Bram Stoker Award winning author, click on www.LisaMannetti.com. — J.L. Comeau, http://www.countgore.com/gore/tomb.htm

Publisher: Shadowfall Publications
Release Date: July 2011

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