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TED’S SCORE by HWA Member Daniel P. Coughlin


Author: Daniel P. Coughlin

When beautiful Jules Benton, a seventeen year old senior, goes missing after the spring formal dance in the small town of Watertown, Wisconsin, her father, Richard Benton, becomes suspicious of Jules’ boyfriend, David Miller and his involvement with her disappearance.

When Richard confirms his suspicions, the brutality of his capability consumes him and soon David will find out what that means.

Unbeknownst to David or Richard, a serial killer by the name of Ted Olson has more to do with Jules’ disappearance than anyone might suspect. As Jules’ whereabouts unfold, the truth begins to bleed from a dark place. And the authorities have begun to smell the criminal acts committed.

Murder and mayhem catch up with the slow pace of this ordinary Middle American town when evil, perversion, and death mislead these simple folks into a disastrous wave of crime that spirals out of control. All the while, Ted collects his score.

Comet Press
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2012
ISBN_10 978-1-936964-50-5
ISBN_13 51395

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