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Interview with Jonathan Maberry at Darkeva’s Dark Delights



Darkeva interviews Bram Stoker Award® Weekend’s Guest of Honor, Johathan Maberry.

Darkeva: You’re a frequent fixture at several types of genre and horror conventions, in particular, and you’ve also long been involved with the Horror Writers Association. In addition, you also run a hugely successful website and offer fantastic advice to aspiring and published writers alike. Some writers in your position don’t attend many conventions, or any at all. What attracts you to conventions, and what do you most look forward to when you’re going to one?

JM: Even more than I’m a writer of horror I’m a fan of the genre, and I have been since I was a kid. Horror conventions like WHC allow me to dive headlong into the genre with others of my species. I can talk shop with other horror writers and I can geek out with people of all ages who enjoy spooky tales. Conventions are a great place to discover new voices in the genre…I always come away with a suitcase crammed with new books, comics, DVDs and toys. Yes…toys. My office at home is a shrine to the weird and fantastic. I also collect horror and fantasy artwork.

The horror crowd is so surprisingly grounded. Lots of family people. Lots of genuine friendships, and more openness than is present in most other genre groups. The very first genre con I ever attended was the World Horror Con/Stokers in Toronto in 2007, and everyone made me feel accepted and at home. I made friends there that have lasted and which have really become meaningful. The horror people are my people.

Now…this year the WHC is in New Orleans. Can you imagine a more fitting site than a place whose history is steeped in magic, superstition, wildness and a terrific sense of fun?

Read the rest of the interview here.

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