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IL POSTO NERO – August Links (HWA Italy)


Horror in Italy is alive and hungry! Catch up with what’s been happening by browsing this collection of posts from the month of August on the HWA Italy Chapter website, sent in by Alessandro Manzetti.

  • HWA Italy: The Raven -News From Hell # 2 -The Italian HWA Bulletin (in Italian)
  • Autopsies: Review of La Felicità dei Cani by Adamo Dagradi edited by Sergio Gilles Lacavalla (in Italian)
  • Interview with Dacre Stoker (in English)
  • Black Pills: Interview with Daniele Serra (in Italian)
  • Autopsies: Review of The Haunter of the Dark by H.P. Lovecraft edited by Giancarlo Marzano (in Italian)
  • Interview with Brian Keene (in English)
  • Autopsies: Review of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, edited by Lisa Mannetti (in English, Italian)
  • Autopsies: Review of The Mark of the Devil by Glenn Cooper, edited by Glenn Cooper (in English, in Italian)
  • Autopsies: Special Issue: Review of The Picture in the House by HP Lovecraft, edited by The Blue Golem (in Italian)
  • The Blue Golem: Review of Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry (in Italian)
  • Black Pills: Blood & Ghosts: The Death of Alpyn Frayser by Ambrose Bierce (in Italian)

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