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An Interview with Amber Benson (Part 2)

An Interview with Amber Benson (Part 2)

Amber-Benson-HD-WallpaperBy JG Faherty

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Last month, actress and author Amber Benson talked to us about YA horror, literacy, her love of gory books and movies, and her writing process. This month we hit on those topics some more, plus some new ones as well.

JG: Why do you think horror/dark fiction strikes such a chord with teen readers?

AB: I think human beings like to be scared – and doing it within the framework of a book is the safest way to work up the adrenaline.

JG: How do you keep in touch with the YA audience? While …

An Interview with Amber Benson

An Interview with Amber Benson

Amber-Benson-HD-Wallpaperinterview by JG Faherty

Amber Benson is known to millions of fans for her portrayal of Tara Maclay on the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE TV series. But there’s a lot more to Amber than just playing a TV witch. Besides acting in TV and movies, she’s written or co-written nine novels, several comic books, some short stories, and several scripts for movies, animated films, and Webisodes/Internet films. She’s also produced and directed films and Webisodes, sung on a soundtrack, acted in audio dramas, and provided prose for picture books. On top of all this, she’s a huge horror fan with a …

Interview with Amber Benson at Darkeva’s Dark Delights

benson_amber250Blogger Darkeva has posted a fascinating interview with World Horror Convention Guest of Honor Amber Benson.

Darkeva: In addition to your acting career, you’re also an accomplished film director, producer, and writer, but most people know you for your role as Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As urban fantasy and horror readers already knew you, how did that affect your transition to becoming a novelist?

AB: Well, I’d always written – mostly bad poetry and a few short stories and plays – but being on Buffy opened the door, as far as novel/prose is concerned, to a …

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