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What is the iMailer?

The HWA Internet Mailer was instituted in 1996 to keep members informed of urgent or short-deadline news too time-sensitive to be adequately covered in the print HWA Newsletter. Over the years since then, the iMailer has grown and changed along with HWA.

The iMailer is now published on the 15th of each month; with urgent matters being sent out on an as-needs basis. It still contains announcements of a particularly time-sensitive nature, such as market news, signings, and readings; details about upcoming Ballots; information related to the Bram Stoker Awards™; requests for volunteers; and upcoming conventions and literary festivals HWA will be attending.

Sign up for the iMailer, or Request Removal

Every member who notifies us of an email address is automatically signed up to receive the iMailer. If you have not been receiving iMailers and would like to, please notify HWA’s database keeper at database@horror.org. If you are currently receiving the HWA iMailer and would like to be removed from the list, likewise notify HWA’s database keeper at admin@horror.org.

However, we STRONGLY recommend you stay subscribed to the Mailer, as otherwise you may not be aware of important news about the Bram Stoker Awards™, upcoming ballots and other very important information.

Place a Notice in the iMailer

If you have news or an announcement you’d like to see published in the HWA iMailer, please contact the iMailer editor at imailer@horror.org.

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