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Diverse Works incl. The Seers’ Table [ 62 ]

Diverse Works Inclusion Committee Mission Statement

To ensure the Horror Writers Association (HWA) includes the widest possible representation of those working in the horror/dark fantasy genre, the HWA has formed the Diverse Works Inclusion Committee. This committee is tasked with actively seeking writers and editors with diverse backgrounds. The committee has adopted the broadest definition of the word diversity to include gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Committee members will employ a variety of methods—including but not limited to contacting publishers, authors, and/or agents; accessing resources such as Amazon, Publishers Weekly, Goodreads; maintaining awareness of new releases; polling the membership—to expand our members’ awareness. …

The Seers’ Table June 2020

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

Ready to head into Summer Reading? This month’s Seers’ Table has some suggestions!

Linda Addison recommends:

LaShawn M. Wanak lives in Wisconsin with her husband and son. Her works have been published in Fireside MagazineFIYAH, and many others. She is the editor of GigaNotoSaurus and reviews books for Lightspeed Magazine. Writing stories keeps her sane. Also, pie.

Author photo by Al Bogdan at Confusion 2020.

Her story, “Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Memphis Minnie Sing the Stumps Down Good,” was published in Apex Magazine, Issue 120, and …

The Seers’ Table May 2020

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

Kate Maruyama here doing what Linda has affectionately named “The Gathering” for The Seers’ Table this month. We have a bit more time on our hands for reading, and I’m excited to present this month’s recommendations from our group.

We hope you are staying safe and reading and writing tons.

Linda Addison Recommends:

Cindy O’Quinn is an Appalachian writer who grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. Cindy is the author of the novel, Dark Cloud on Naked Creek, and the dark poetry collection, Return to Graveyard Dust. …

The Seers’ Table April 2020

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

April contains National Grilled Cheese Day; enjoy some new authors with your sandwich.

Linda Addison introduces:

Violette L. Meier is a supernatural fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi writer. She is also a poet, folk artist, and spiritual revolutionary. The great-granddaughter of a dream interpreter, Violette is a lover of all things supernatural and loves to write paranormal, fantasy, and horror. She is always working on something new and is the author of five novels, two short story collections, two children’s books, two volumes of poetry, and a book of inspirational quotes.…

The Seers’ Table March 2020

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

March contains Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, a good day to stay in and discover some new authors.

Theresa Derwin introduces:

Suyi Davies Okungbowa is a Nigerian author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror inspired by his West-African origins. He has a great track record of short stories in various markets including Tor.com, Lightspeed, Nightmare, Strange Horizons, Fireside, Podcastle, The Dark, and anthologies like Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, A World of Horror (Dark Moon Books, 2018), and People of Colour

The Seers’ Table February 2020

The Seers Table

The Seers Table

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

February is a great time to show some love for creators.


Ace Antonio-Hall introduces:

Mike Robinson is the author of nine books: eight novels and one collection of short stories, all touching on the realms of the psychological, the metaphysical, the strange. A native of Los Angeles, he is also an editor of the magazine Literary Landscapes for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, or GLAWS.

Recommended work from: The Green Eyed Monster. Martin Smith and John Becker: bestselling authors

The Seers’ Table January 2020

The Seers Table

The Seers Table

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

I have a number of friends who give themselves reading challenges every year. One friend decided she would read at least 52 books in a year. When the next year came along she added ten more. Another, Alexander Chee, realized he had read mostly men in the past year, so he dedicated the year to reading women. He wrote about it here. Another still said he would only read writers of color. What will you do in your new year?


The Seers’ Table – December 2019

The Seers Table!

The Seers Table

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

December contains National Cocoa Day. Curl up with a cup and discover the following authors!


Linda D. Addison introduces:

Maxwell I. Gold is an emerging author of weird fiction and dark fantasy, writing short stories and prose that primarily center around his cosmic and profane Cyber Gods Mythos. His works have been accepted into various publications including the prestigious literary journal for weird poetry Spectral Realms, The Audient Void: A Journal for Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, Weirdbook Magazine

The Seers’ Table – October 2019

The Seers Table!

The Seers TableLinda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

October has one of our favorite holidays in it—HALLOWEEN!!! Check out some folks creating cool, creepy stuff.


Kate Maruyama introduces:

Lilliam Rivera is an award-winning writer and author of the young adult novels Dealing in Dreams (March 2019) and The Education of Margot Sanchez (February 2017), published by Simon & Schuster and available in bookstores everywhere. Dealing in Dreams has been featured in Teen Vogue, PBS Books, Los Angeles Times, and Bustle, among other outlets, and has

The Seers’ Table – September 2019

The Seers Table

The Seers TableKate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

I always like to head into fall with a lot of spooky reading, and we have so many recommendations this month! Happy September, everyone; time get working on those Halloween costumes and those scary stories!

Linda Addison recommends:

Marc L. Abbott and Steven Van Patten created Hell at the Way Station, a collection of horror stories about two Brooklyn horror writers who meet up for drinks and a little adventure and end up in a lot more trouble than they bargained for.

The Seers’ Table August 2019

The Seers Table

The Seers Table

Linda Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

August contains National Friendship Day; why not make buddies with some new creators!

Kate Jonez introduces:

Nzondi (Ace Antonio Hall), born July 4, 1966, is an American urban fantasy and horror writer. He is best known as the creator of Sylva Slasher, a teenage zombie slasher who also raises the dead for police investigations. His nonfiction book, Lord of the Flies: Fitness for Writers, was published by Omnium Gatherum. Nzondi’s latest speculative fiction novel, The Oware Mosaic, is coming

The Seers’ Table July 2019

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

We have some hot summer reading for you at The Seers’ Table this month!

Linda Addison Recommends:

Tish Jackson grew up in the Bay Area and started writing in elementary school. She went on to crafting murder mysteries in high school, and the love of writing stuck. After graduating from an HBCU in New Orleans, she moved back home and continued writing, including a contribution to Brandon Massey’s Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III. Her story, “Cheaters,” is included in the 2017 Bram Stoker Award®-Nominated anthology Sycorax’s Daughters

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