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Nuts and Bolts Interview with John Gray

Brooklyn-born John Gray is an award-winning writer-director-producer of films and television, and the creator of the long-running TV series, GHOST WHISPERER. He has written and directed many feature films and movies for television, including WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, starring Stephen Lang and Karen Allen; MARTIN AND LEWIS, starring Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam; the Emmy® nominated A PLACE FOR ANNIE, with Sissy Spacek; the Emmy® nominated mini-series Haven with Natasha Richardson and Anne Bancroft; HELTER SKELTER, and many others. Gray has directed numerous episodes of broadcast and cable series, including multiple episodes of the NBC series GRIMM and was also the …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Jay Whales

Jay grew up in small town, southeast Missouri, battling sasquatches, rednecks, witches, booger eating bastards, drinking Spine Likker fresh from the spigot and just having fun.  Jay rode in the back of pickup trucks, never heard of a seat belt until he started working and he and his best friend watched shitty horror movies every chance they got, before Jay up and ran off to the US Army.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I joined the US Army in 1983 and spent the next 25 years as a Military Policeman and then a federal …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Richard Schiver

Richard is the author of eight novels, three novellas, and a collection of short stories. His most recent work is a paranormal ghost story titled Cursed. He is a member in good standing of the Horror Writers Association, and the Maryland Writers Association. Married with four children and eight grandchildren he and his wife provide a secure home for a yellow lab named Max, who spends his days napping.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I served in the U.S Army from 1976 to 1981 as an armor crewman manning the M-60 Main Battle Tank. …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Chris Reichard

Chris ~Cliff~ Reichard has always been a creator of dark works, but their writing has been stripped raw and refined over and again through hardships experienced in war, activism & the discrimination that intersectional queer punks face. They live a life of semi-seclusion in this increasingly chaotic world, while still taking time to enjoy life’s little pleasure.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I served as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the U.S. Army from 2004-2012. In that time, I spent nearly three years deployed to Iraq.


What role, if any, did reading

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Deke Moulton

Deke Moulton (she/they) (rhymes with geek, short for Diklah) has had some incredible journeys in her life – from being a punk rock hitchhiker living on top of buildings to an ancient book conservator apprentice at the Adler Planetarium to living in a college learning Arabic to even being a drill sergeant with the US Army. Originally from Chicago, they have traveled all over the United States and the world -living for three years in Italy! as well as in Monterey, California and Columbia, South Carolina – before finally settling in the Pacific Northwest with their spouse and two children. …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with John Lane


“The Visit” was published in 81 WORDS FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY, which won the Saboteur Award for Best Anthology.

“The Monster Inside” was part of the Horror Writers Association’s Mental Health Initiative anthology, OF HOPE AND HORROR.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

 I enlisted in the Army as a 39T Computer Technician between January 1988 to 1992. After basic training in Fort Jackson, SC and …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with K.P. Kulski

K.P. Kulski is a Korean-American author born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She’s embarked on many career adventures: the U.S. Navy and Air Force, video game design, and history professor. Her fiction is often inspired by stories of the past; most evident in her gothic horror novel, Fairest Flesh, from Strangehouse Books and novella, House of Pungsu, from Bizarro Pulp Press. She now resides in Northeast Ohio with her husband and children in a house in the woods. Find her online at garnetonwinter.com and on Twitter @garnetonwinter.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I served in …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Verona Jones

V.L. Jones is a paranormal enthusiast and a horror writer. She grew up in a haunted house in Washington state, which fueled her passion for the supernatural and monsters. Verona now lives in Casa Grande, Arizona, which she uses as her home base to explore haunted sites with a history.

Verona enlisted in the Navy out of high school, and her first duty station was in the highlands of Scotland. Talk about hitting paydirt. Scotland and England abound with urban legends and ghostly hauntings. Fascinated by the history of these places, she often writes about her spooky findings.

Her explorations …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Bryn Grover

I grew up in an age when the Soviet Union and communism were generally conceived to be the enemy. “Bomb” drills were generally held as we ducked and hid under desks and learned to count ‘flash to bang’ times. Culturally, this was accented by B Movies of monsters resulting from ‘atomic’ problems and nuclear explosions. I grew to love those movies whether it was Gamera, Godzilla, & Mothra or giant Gila monsters, spiders, and other mutants. Combine that with a love of the work of such authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, Clark Ashton Smith, Lord Dunsany, T.E.D. Klein and …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Jonathan Gensler

Jonathan Gensler writes dark slipstream and speculative fiction inspired by his decades of wildly varied life experiences as a combat veteran and clean tech entrepreneur.  After growing up in a haunted house in WV and living in several corners of the world, he now resides in Nashville with his wife and three children. You can find him on Twitter @jgensler. He may have stopped writing long enough to get his website working at jonathangensler.com, but maybe not.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I graduated from West Point in 2000 and served as an …

Veterans in Horror: Interview with Solomon Forse

Solomon Forse is the founder of HOWL Society, the most active online horror book club on the web. He also plays guitar in the Lovecraftian metal band Crafteon and teaches high school English on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. Check out his latest fiction appearing in the Howls From Hell anthology, MYTHIC Issue 20, Boneyard Soup Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 4., and Into the Crypt of Rays: A Black Metal Horror Anthology. Follow him on Twitter @SolomonForse.

Tell us a bit about your military service. Years? Branch? Specialty?

I served as an infantryman for the …

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