Author Topic: [Ongoing] Vastarien - Literary Journal (non-fiction essays)  (Read 2103 times)


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The Vastarien Literary Journal has an ongoing call for non-fiction submissions. Info can be found at their submissions page here:

And here is the short of it:

They Wan: "Nonfiction from 2,000 to 7,500 words. Scholarly and/or critical articles pertaining to Ligotti or associated authors (see below) or the kind of thematic and topical issues in which we’re interested. As for contemporary authors to add to this list, Livia Llewellyn, S. P. Miskowski, Junji Ito, Matthew M. Bartlett, T. E. D. Klein, Kelly Link, Helen Marshall, Gemma Files, Ramsey Campbell, Allyson Bird, Laird Barron, Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan, Nicole Cushing, Victor LaValle, Mark Samuels, and many more have produced work that we would love to see subjected to intelligent critical analysis and discussion.

The following authors and their work are of especial interest to Vastarien:

Charles Baudelaire
Thomas Bernhard
Aloysius Bertrand
Jorge Luis Borges
William S. Burroughs
Angela Carter
Louis Ferdinand Celine
E. M. Cioran
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Douglas Harding
Shirley Jackson
U. G. Krishnamurti
H. P. Lovecraft
Vladimir Nabokov
Emile Nelligan
Michael Persinger
Edgar Allan Poe
Maurice Rollinat
Arthur Schopenhauer
Bruno Schulz
Paul Valery
Peter Wessel Zapffe