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Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre - Deadline: 2022-08
« on: April 05, 2022, 07:47:46 PM »
Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre
Call for Papers: Spring 2023: Myths that Kill: Lies, Damn Lies, and Urban Myth

Deadlines: Queries and abstracts: August 2022
Full papers: October 15, 2022
Publication date: February 28, 2023

Urban myth, internet rumors, social media memes, deliberate falsification of information in the media: these all have real world impact. These past several years we have witnessed how a rumor or a myth that contains false information can spread and do serious harm to communities and individuals; how some are deliberately spread by political parties and how others seem to come from nowhere and take on a life of their own. From the insurrection of 1/6/21 to Youtube pseudoscience concerning AIDS, COVID-19, Ebola, and cancer, to religious fakery, theocratic power mongering, and campaigns of oppression and genocide against those who are perceived as different and “the other”. This issue will be devoted to how these myths spread and how they harm people, places, other living creatures, communities, and democracy itself and how communities debunk and counter these myths.

Topics to consider:

How does a community, a society or a country counter these fakeries in popular media, oral folklore, and destructive urban myths? Or does it?
Debunking and dismantling disinformation.
The history and current use of “the blood lie” and other myths concerning minority communities.
Social media and internet memes
Protests and counterprotests: how rumors become viral
Deliberate propaganda and how it is used
"Jailhouse Myth" corruptions of Norse Mythology and racist ideologies.
Urban myth in film, live performance and literature
Medical mythologies in pandemics, cancer treatment, and major illness
RE: the "wellness community" and other movements

To contact the editors and to submit your work, please write to:

Please prepare your paper for blind peer review. Artists and scholars are welcomed in the pages of Coreopsis journal. It is recommended that all writers and artists wishing to submit to Coreopsis Journal familiarise themselves with the guidelines before submission.

Our submission guidelines are here:

Essays from artists do not have to be strictly prepared for review. As Coreopsis Journal is a web-based publication, we can accommodate samples of both audio and video performances.

Visual art submission guidelines:

Please label - clearly - whether your paper or essay is submitted for peer review or as an editorial. Papers submitted for peer review from scholars must be in APA style and prepared for blind review following these guidelines:

This journal accepts papers from many disciplines and is welcoming of all faiths and philosophies. We publish 3-5 papers per issue that have been peer-reviewed according to academic standards. Final submissions should be 3000 to 10,000 words. If you have a finished paper ready for submission, send it directly to

COPE Notice

This journal and her editors, referees, readers, staff and Advisory Board members work, to the best of our abilities, under the guidelines for scholarly publications as set forth by The Committee for Publication Ethics Code of Conduct for Journal Editors. Download the PDF “Code of Conduct for Journal Editors” to learn more.

Coreopsis Journal is published 2X yearly by The Society for Ritual Arts. Never for profit.