Author Topic: Conference - PCAS/ACAS NOLA - The Hero is Female - Deadline: 2020-06-10  (Read 1504 times)


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The Hero Is Female

Deadline: June 10, 2020
Conference: 2020 PCAS/ACAS New Orleans Oct 1 -3

The Hero is Female Katniss Everdeen’s hand signal is now used at real-world rallies, and Princess Leia is the face of the real-world resistance movement. More than ever fictional female protagonists are symbols of hope and strength during these turbulent times, but power can take many forms and often these characters can take nontraditional paths. This panel will focus on female protagonists in fiction and film, with an emphasis on genre narratives, as we examine the ways in which women of all ages gain revelations and empowerment.

Please submit a 250-300 word abstract, a brief bio, and any A/V needs by June 10, 2020 to Crystal O’Leary-Davidson at Middle Georgia State University .