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Wings of the Seraph by Jeffrey LeBlanc


The most magical time of year—Halloween! Bring on the costumes, candy, and the monsters.

Let’s focus on the creeping villain, the slimily misunderstood, the tortured, and the turned. Monsters of all types hover, slither and ooze from above and below. Is it the mausoleum darkness of the year or the pervading chill of dread and death they bring?

Maybe it’s a little of both.

I kick off Halloween on the Horror Writer’s blog with a poem to set the mood for this ghastly occasion. I hope you and our fellow ghouls enjoy.

Check out the excerpt from the full horror novel below too. You can read of other original creatures in “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” if monsters are your one and only…love.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Halloween!

Wings of the Seraph

You were the burning ones who scorched sky and frightened wraith.

Do you hail as the Light Bringer’s children who dared to challenge God’s faith?

Are you the fallen sons of Enoch before time and religion had begun?

Yet history hails you as descendants of the fallen Adam or Neptune’s chosen one.

In fiery eyes nurtured by Persephone does your father rest in the labyrinth of the dragon?

Yet Lovecraft claims you children of Cthulhu, Dagon, and the Kraken.

On massive perch and mountain crevasse you reign in glory on high,

Bringing plague and pestilence should all of mankind dare you to fly.

Stretch out your leathered wings.

Covet and christen the original sin.

Put black talon and crimson scale to soaring again.

Make the shaman, priest, and parson know true fright.

As they struggle along ancient hallowed halls by ghostly candlelight.

Stand stone silent guard on the walls of the lonely church,

Knowing at sunset your souls prowl and hideously lurch.

Bring down again the walls of Zion by the great song.

And remind creatures of light that darkness is mother when they have done wrong.

Blackness is the bosom where the serpent and the hiss belong.

The wind calls to the cold night and beckons to the flame

Seraphs have again burned the shadows and returned back from the abyss.

And in doing so brought terror before sunrise burns back gray mist. —Jeffrey LeBlanc


Excerpt: Read an excerpt from “Wings of the Seraph” by Jeffrey LeBlanc currently available on Amazon.

Download Jeffrey LeBlanc’s excerpt

Bio: Jeffrey LeBlanc grew up deep in the mysterious swamps and dark bayous of Louisiana captivated by local Cajun tales. Especially tales of mystery, horror, and the macabre. From an early age he had a passion for all sorts of character driven tales whether horrifying, humorous, science related, or just a day in the bayou life. However, horror is his life-long passion.

Jeffrey traveled the world—darkest western Africa, remote Timor Este, Malaysia, etc. As an operations manager, international safety rep, and paramedic he met many wonderful story tellers. Jeffrey collected many of their priceless stories. He will write many other great stories and adventures from these experiences.

The inexhaustible drive to write novels and just write period came from a meeting with Stephen King. Jeff has been a lifelong fan of Stephen’s work. Stephen during their meeting mentored and greatly encouraged Jeff to become a novelist. It goes without saying that the encounter at The Academy of the Sacred Heart meeting changed Jeffrey’s life. Also, the writing web page Authonomy did as well. Success on Authonomy strengthened his writing confidence especially when Jeff reached the ranking of number ten out of the ten thousand authors on the page. This ranking was for both writing and in the horror categories.

Novels written: “The Devil of Black Bayou”, “Shadows, Ghosts of the Moonlight”, “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things Volume 1 and 2”, and others. Pending drafts “To the Neon God”, “Mary Wept”, “Ghost of Canyon Lake” and two untitled drafts Lovecraftian in nature.

Currently Jeff is back on the bayou writing away with his beautiful wife Katina. Between reviewing the collection of world horror stories and writing the next great horror novel, they tend to their collection of animals. This includes bearded dragons–Dracon, Drogon, Rhaegar, and Ragnar, a duck-tyrant named Peep, plus an assortment of turtles with rock star names.

Jeffrey LeBlanc’s author webpage is listed as JeffreyLeBlanc.com.

Follow him on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/jajleblanc2/

3 comments on “Wings of the Seraph by Jeffrey LeBlanc

  1. Poetry is hard to do well–horror poetry even more so, in my opinion, and, in particular rhyming couplets. Yet this poem was really captivating and did not feel “forced” or cheesy in the way that many rhyming poems can. Bravo! I love it! And I’m fascinated with the Bayou and think it’s probably a fantastic location for some good creepy horror. Thanks for sharing.

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