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Watcher: Book I of The Chosen by HWA Member Roh Morgon


Author: Roh Morgon

Predator. Killer. Monster.

The words echo in Sunny Martin s head each time she looks in the mirror. Since the night she was torn from her car and drained of her blood, Sunny s fear of the hungry beast within her is rivaled only by the fear of exposure.

Her lonely struggle to survive on the edge of the human world leads Sunny to the mountain peaks of Colorado where she meets Nicolas, the enigmatic leader of a hidden society.

Their passion, tainted by betrayal, violence, and murder, reveals a shocking truth behind Sunny’s savage nature and drives her toward an agonizing Choice between her heart and the last remnant of her human soul.

Publisher: Dark Dreams Publishing
Release Date: October 4, 2011
ISBN 10:0615540430
ISBN 13: 978-0615540436

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