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TWISTED IN DREAM by HWA Member Ann K. Schwader


Author: Ann K. Schwader

During the past decade or more, Ann K. Schwader has become the most critically acclaimed living author of weird and fantastic poetry. Following the distinguished tradition of Clark Ashton Smith, H. P. Lovecraft, Frank Belknap Long, and others, Schwader has written scores of finely chiseled and powerfully evocative verse that packs all the intensity of a short story within the space of a sonnet or quatrain.

The present volume gathers for the first time her collected weird poetry, including the complete contents of the landmark volume The Worms Remember (2001) and the sonnet cycle In the Yaddith Time (2007), along with dozens of uncollected and unpublished poems. All in all, this volume is the definitive collection of one of the most vibrant weird poets in contemporary literature.

Ann K. Schwader’s poetry fuses metrical precision and horrific imagination in a manner not seen since the heyday of Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. It suggests far more than it states, and its implications of dread menace are underscored by a cosmic pessimism that raises her work far above the level of mere shudder-coining. — S. T. Joshi

The dark and enchanting verse of Ann K. Schwader weaves layers and labyrinths of wonder and beauty. Her work burns with language perfumed with mighty magic. It is not to be missed! — Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Ann K. Schwader s intoxicating poetry is as authentically Lovecraftian as it is brilliantly original. This is poetry that is truly transporting. Superb! — W. H. Pugmire

Publisher: Hippocampus Press
Release Date: December 2011
ISBN_13: 978-1-61498-004-9

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