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THE WINSLOW INCIDENT by HWA Member Elizabeth Voss


Author: Elizabeth Voss

Welcome to Winslow, where all anyone expects is another ordinary summer: tourists taking the ghost town tour, locals cooling off in Ruby Creek, the carnival in Prospect Park. Nothing unusual. That’s because residents here have always done well at keeping order, keeping secrets and keeping the past buried.

Until now.

First, the animals go strange. Then townsfolk begin losing their minds. And that’s when the ghosts come out to haunt.

After the mysterious plague of madness strikes, young Hazel Winslow is stunned when the people she has known all her life become sudden strangers. Her brainsick father, the sheriff, takes to the woods to hunt a creature of his wild imagining. Her boyfriend Sean Adair disappears with his own delusions and guilt. Ghosts storm her grandmother’s neglected mansion. And Hazel—terrified of falling ill and losing her mind too—watches the entire town unravel around her.

Hazel is soon trapped in a world where hysteria and history collide, where the dead demand justice from the living and insist that their stories finally be told. Was Hawkin Rhone’s banishment warranted or unjust? Was death by Sean Adair’s hand self-defense or murder?

Hazel searches for Sean in a once familiar landscape turned surreal—and dangerous. Sean had killed to protect her, so now she must protect him. But how can she protect Sean when Hawkin Rhone won’t stay in his grave?

The Winslow Incident—a contemporary tale inspired by historical accounts of entire villages gone mad. What really triggered the mass hysteria of the Salem witch trials? Why did residents of Pont-Saint-Esprit suddenly lose their minds? And how does it feel to be the last sane person in town?

“Plenty of thrills, chills”—Kirkus Reviews

“A strikingly original idea in an area where original ideas are few and far between”—Douglas Preston, New York Times Bestselling Author

On Library Journal’s list of First Novels | Fall Fundamentals—“first novels that promise good reading.”

Publisher: Five Star (Gale/Cengage)
Release Date: December 16, 2011


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