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The Future of Agents to be decided on Monday


The HWA’s ninth Horror Roundtable will take place on Monday the 10th of June at 3pm EST. It’s a topic a lot of folks have asked about, and one very relevant to the current state of the publishing industry.

The topic this round is The Future of Agents (thanks for the idea, Joe McKinney!). Please join our special guest Joe McKinney, Robert Fleck, Doug Grad, and Richard Curtis, as they discuss the following:

“Do you think all the recent technological advances in publishing are sounding the death knell for the literary agent? Agents used to be the gatekeepers in the classical publishing model, deciding who gets through and who remains in obscurity, but that barrier seems full of holes now. If literary agents are to remain part of the publishing process, how will they need to adapt?”

So come join us right here at 3pm EST on June the 10th for what should be a very interesting discussion.

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