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THE COLD SPOT by HWA Member JG Faherty


Author: J.G. Faherty

Clay Daniels is an outcast among outcasts. Cursed with a terrible birthmark on his face, his life is an endless misery of teasing and physical abuse from his classmates. Things only get worse when his parents die and he’s forced to move in with cruel relatives who make the torture of school seem like paradise.

Then everything changes when he meets a boy named John in the woods behind his house. John and his friends don’t care what Clay looks like, or that he’s not strong or particularly smart. That’s because they’re dead, and the dead don’t discriminate. Their acceptance of him helps Clay overcome his initial fear, and soon he’s doing all the cool things he always dreamed of: sneaking out of the house, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and hanging out in a hidden cemetery.

For the first time in his life, he knows the joy of having friends. Friends who treat him as an equal. Friends who have his back when trouble comes along and even stick up for him against his violent cousin. But John and the others harbor dangerous secrets.

The secrets of the Cold Spot.

T.S. Eliot once wrote that “Youth is cruel and has no remorse.” Well, this concept is brilliantly on display in JG Faherty’s “The Cold Spot,” a compelling, addictive read that will take you back to your formative school days and having you thanking the good Lord that they’re over. – advance reader on Goodreads

A truly chilling ghost story with a blindsided twist. – advance reader on Goodreads

Publisher: Delirium
Release Date: 4/17/2012
ISBN_10: N/A
ISBN_13: 9781937771

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