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The 6th HWA Roundtable preview III


Matt Lohr drops in today to have a quick chat with us in preparation for the HWA Roundtable on Screenwriting, which kicks off on the 11th of February right here on the HWA’s blog.

Here’s the topic in full:

Screenwriting: How to get involved in the industry, the pitfalls and problems, the success stories. Screenwriting is a natural extension of story writing, but it is also a completely different art form. Let’s look at how it differs, and how difficult it is to create visual scenes for filming. And the end result; is it always how you viewed it would be? Are there any tips or suggestions you can offer for those just starting out, things you’ve learned along the way?

Special Guests: Michaelbrent Collings, Signe Olynyk, Matt Lohr, Brad Hodson, and Pen Densham.

Marty: Matt, what are you currently working on now?

Matt Lohr: In addition to promoting DAN O’BANNON’S GUIDE through the media and personal appearances, I am also starting work on my first solo book, a career-management guide for aspiring writers tentatively titled THE NOT-QUITE 9-TO-5 WRITER. I am also completing a novelization of my most recent screenplay, and am in talks with a major LA-based indie production company about a potential option for this same script.

Marty: Writers are often asked who inspired them when they were growing up. What about screenwriters? Are there legends of the industry who inspire new rising stars? Who inspired you?

Matt: I was lucky enough to work for two years on a book with one of the inspirational legends of Hollywood screenwriting, and it’s encouraging to see people’s eyes light up when I mention Dan’s name to them. I know that he was a name that I knew before I volunteered to work with him on his manuscript. Other writers, for screen, stage and page, who have inspired me include Woody Allen, Billy Wilder, David Mamet, Walter Mosley, Stephen Hunter, Roger Ebert, Erik Larson, Chuck Klosterman, and of course, the guy who anyone who writes drama owes a debt to, Will S.

Marty: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing? (other than reading or watching movies!)

Matt: Some of my favorite non-writing-related activities include hanging at the beach, trying out great new restaurants, playing online browser games, cooking, hitting the driving range, and seeing live music, especially jazz.


MattA native of Pittsburgh, PA, MATT R. LOHR is an award-winning screenwriter, essayist and critic. He holds an MFA in screenwriting from Chapman University in Orange, CA, where he first met Dan O’Bannon and agreed to work with him on this book. His views on contemporary and classic cinema can be found on his blog, “The Movie Zombie”.

Matt is also the host of the forthcoming Dan O’Bannon Writing Workshops™, which will bring a hands-on presentation of Dan’s “dynamic structure” screenplay system to seminars, pitchfests and industry events worldwide. More information on these events, and on all upcoming projects and programs relating to Dan’s works and teaching, is available online at the official Dan O’Bannon website, www.danobannon.com. Matt can be contacted by email at matt@danobannon.com, and he is available on Twitter by following @TheMovieZombie.

Matt currently lives in Los Angeles.

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