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“Tis the Season for Chills and Thrills” By Lincoln Cole

Dictation Lesson:

This Halloween, I decided to try out something new that had always scared me: dictation! I’ve wanted to try writing my books by speaking the words aloud and see if that would speed up my process, but I was always worried at how bad it would come out. This time, though, I was determined to make it work.

So, I got my microphone, downloaded the dragon software, and set about making it work.

It was terrible.

Like, really bad. The sentences were almost nonsensical and occasionally it read more like I was just rambling out ideas than actually …

Halloween Haunts: Never a Night Off by Lincoln Cole

Halloween Haunts: Never a Night Off by Lincoln Cole

raven-s-fall-kindle-coverHalloween is the best time of the year for enjoying the scarier parts of life. People who normally are prudish and uptight about horror will discard their preconceived notions for one night and just allow themselves to enjoy life. It is the one night of the year where everyone is allowed to throw on a costume and pretend to be someone else…

Never a Night Off

“Did you see where he went?” Dominick asked, stepping up alongside his friend and glancing out over the crowd. The Halloween party at The Rusty Nail was in full swing and everyone was wearing …

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