New Releases


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New releases on the website are scheduled based on first-come-first-served. We spread them out a bit, so everyone gets time in the spotlight. Your announcement may appear before or after your release date, depending on when you submitted it. It may take weeks or even months before your release makes it to the top of the stack, so submit early.


As a professional author/editor, it is in your best interest to have a clean copy of your cover online somewhere that a PR person can download it. In order for it to be useful, it should be at least 500 pixels wide. If you don't know how to set this up, talk to your publisher about them doing it. If you also have an author photo there (same minimum width), then you'll make anyone trying to promote your book for you very happy!

Every professional author/editor should have a webpage dedicated to information about the book in question. This could be on your publisher's website or on your own, but it needs to exist. The HWA will no longer be creating a unique posting for the new release, but will be directing readers directly to your page. If you don't have a page, then we won't be able to link the image in the scroller to anything. We will still post it, but it won't go anywhere.


The HWA now makes it easier than ever to submit your new release for posting on its website and in the newsletter. In order to have your new release posted, simply complete the following form. Please note that fields marked with an (*) are required information that we will need to process your request.

Announcements received after the 15th of the month, will not make it into the following newsletter that comes out on the first of the month. It will go in the next one.

Please contact if you have any problems using this form.




To feature in our New Releases a work must be a stand-alone physical and/or ebook, may be either traditionally published or self-published, and must meet the following criteria:

  • For prose - exceed 20,000 words
  • For a graphic novel - have at least 48 pages of graphic content
  • For poetry - have at least 30 pages of poems

Does your work meet all these criteria?