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SMOG / BAGGAGE OF ETERNAL NIGHT (Double Down #2) by HWA Members Lisa Morton and Eric J. Guignard


Authors: Lisa Morton and Eric J. Guignard

In Smog, tomboy Joey thinks she’s got the perfect life: It’s 1965 and she lives in an idyllic Southern California suburb where everyone works for the aerospace industry. But when something goes wrong with a rocket test, the smog thickens and the teenagers change into rampaging killers. Can Joey survive long enough to escape the neighborhood before she joins their ranks? BAGGAGE OF ETERNAL NIGHT: 1963 Detroit is a hotbed of gambling, and the weekly baggage auctions keep a busy trade. Regulars, Charlie Stewart and Joey Third, are skilled in the methods of successful bidding, but when Joey lands a mysterious suitcase, the thrill of winning turns to fear once they realize they’ve opened something sinister. Inside the suitcase is an antique gramophone, and the music it plays is unlike anything these men have heard before. A chanting voice speaks to them in strange words and begets visions of a dark, frozen land. It’s a voice that makes them sick with addiction, and it continues chanting in their heads even when the record stops playing. Charlie sets out to solve the mystery of who recorded the unholy music and how to turn it off forever. But time is against him, and the urge to listen—the addiction—to the song grows stronger. And the more it plays, the more the aural virus spreads, until people begin to vanish… feeding the soul of a spirit seeking immortality.

“With Smog, Lisa Morton has created the perfect coming-of-age story. This is a tale of a magical time, with wonderful characters and a gripping plot that just won’t let go. This is Morton at her very best and you don’t want to miss this one.” – John R. Little, Author of THE MEMORY TREE, MIRANDA, and URSA MAJOR

Publisher: JournalStone

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