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SEASON OF THE WOLF by HWA Member Jeffrey J. Mariotte


Author: Jeffrey J. Mariotte

When Alex Converse, heir to a coal company fortune, visits Silver Gap, Colorado to make an environmentally themed documentary film, he’s hoping to change some minds and to soothe his own troubled conscience. But there’s more going on—in his mind, and in Silver Gap—than Alex knows. People are dying and women are disappearing. Some of the killers have fur, fangs, and claws—but some don’t. What is Alex’s connection to the missing women? Will anyone live long enough to find out? And what’s up with those wolves?

Season of the Wolf is a heart-stopping supernatural thriller about climate change, the human capacity for evil, and the epic struggle between a small town’s citizens and impossible creatures from the dawn of history.

Season of the Wolf will go a long way to further Jeff Mariotte’s reputation as one of today’s best writers of horror and dark fiction. It is highly recommended. —TT Zuma at Horror World.org (http://horrorworld.org/hw/2013/01/season-of-the-wolf/)

Mariotte has created a story which will grab the attention of readers and will have them hooked until the very last page; hoping for the survival of characters that they will come to love, even when the odds are against them. —Rebecca Lovatt at The Arched Doorway (http://archeddoorway.com/2012/11/20/season-of-the-wolf-by-jeffrey-j-mariotte-review/)

I could hear echos of Stephen King and Dean Koontz while reading Season of the Wolf and, for this genre, there’s no better praise than that. —Lori Spier at Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/475394213)

Publisher: DarkFuse

Release_Date: Feb 26 2013

ISBN_10: 193777161X

ISBN_13: 9781937771614

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