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Friday, Oct. 13 is Horror Day

Prizes Up for Grabs for Those Who Promote the Event

Posted October 1, 2006

Creators in the horror community have launched the "Horror Day of Action," a campaign to inspire all lovers of the horror genre to reach out to the world on Friday, Oct. 13. To raise awareness, a number of prizes will be given away for those who best serve the genre. Prizes include signed scripts of “Grudge 2” from Stephen Susco and “Final Destination” by Reffrey Reddick, signed “2001 Maniacs” and “Driftwood” posters from director Tim Sullivan, Saw III merchandise from Lionsgate, and plenty more autographed books , scripts, DVDs, photographs and CDs. (Complete list to date is below—more items will be added).

Those who do the best and most creative actions on Horror Day will win, as determined by a panel of celebrity judges. Prizes will also be randomly awarded to Myspace “friends” of Horror Day.

Originally launched as an effort within the Horror Writers Association, the idea caught fire and spread to every area of horror, from haunted house operators to videogame designers to film makers. But the most important and basic ingredient of Horror Day is each fan's participation.

On Oct. 13, fans are asked to buy a horror book, give away a horror book, rent a horror video, host a movie night, read ghost stories to children, or talk to the local library, bookstore, video store, newspaper or radio station.

The official site for Horror Day, along with suggestions for action, can be found at http://www.myspace.com/horrorday.

"We expected this idea to gain momentum quickly because it's so simple," said a Horror Day Volunteer "But to see it grow so rapidly, and to see the enthusiasm of the people who love this genre, has been totally amazing. Horror is often considered a fringe taste, but the reality is it has millions of fans in every sector of society. And our combined voices can have a positive effect on the world at large."

While the Horror Day site has action tips, creativity is the key to the event's success. Fans are asked to come up with their own imaginative spin to promote the genre and share them in the "Comments" section of the site and on various horror message boards.

Then, email horrorday2006@yahoo.com and tell us what you did to celebrate Horror Day and promote the genre, along with any photos or press coverage. Winners will be selected by Halloween.

Most importantly, remember Friday the 13th is Horror Day!

Horror fans and creators alike are encouraged to participate in this event!

Tips: Localization is important to most media outlets, particularly community newspapers and radio stations. If you have some special credentials, such as "novel writer," "film director," "actor," or "comic book artist," be sure to include them. Make it interesting and you may get contacted for a feature story. In the spirit of the action day, you're welcome to put in your own quotes, draft your own press release, and add any information you feel will best spread the message. Don’t forget to add your contact information, and a graphic such as a photograph, piece of art, or movie poster will increase your chances of coverage.


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