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ScareLA 2014 (August)

The weekend-long Halloween season teaser will celebrate California’s hottest scary faire with attraction unveils, workshops and classes, top industry panels, haunt experiences, screenings and activities. Share, inspire, play – ScareLA.
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Scares that Care Convention 2014

HWA members attended the 2014 Scares that Care Weekend on June 27-29 in Williamsburg, Virginia.
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June Gloom 2014

HWA’s LA chapter hosted June Gloom, an evening of readings.
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Toronto Comicon 2014

HWA members attend this convention.
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LA Times Festival of Books 2013

HWA members attended the LA Times Festival of books to spread the word about horror and the HWA.
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American Library Association Winter Conference 2013, Seattle, WA

The Horror Writers Association had a booth (organized by J.G. Faherty) at the American Library Association\’s Midwinter conference in Seattle, WA. We spoke with and to many librarians about the Horror genre and its writers.
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HWA Members at the West Hollywood Book Fair 2012

Throughout the day, HWA members manned the booth for book signings and to discuss horror and the HWA with visitors. Thank you to Roh Morgon, Eric Guignard, Ben Etheridge, Brad Hodson, John Palisano (and Leo), Joshua Miller, S.P. Miskowski, Steven Booth, Drew Stepek, Les Klinger, and Ian Welke for helping to make the event a success.
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Images from World Fantasy Convention 2012 (Toronto, Canada)

The HWA booth at World Fantasy Con in Toronto! Many HWA members helped out.
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Chicago Book Fair 2012

The HWA booth at the Chicago Book Fair in 2012.
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New York Book Expo 2012

HWA members attending the Book Expo in 2012.
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Great American Pitchfest 2012

HWA members attend the Great American Pitchfest 2012.
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  1. james nuzzello says:

    Mark my word on it, quote me.”BY SOMETIME NEXT YEARS EQUINOX. MY NEXT BOOK WIL FLY OFF THE SHELVES.” I am currently going through the motions learning the nut’s and bolt’s of the entrance avenues of getting my pen name out there. Its not terribly difficult if one has a plan backed by vivid active imagination, and a sense on grammar. there is a lot of hard work involved, but writing is a gift, mine gives me the rewards of pure self hypnotic pleasure. When my creative juices spark, in an instant my eyelids are closed as a self check. I literally see spiraling sunbursts turning clockwise. Its a sure sign my active imagination is in excellent imaginative alignment. I will be honest right here right now. Without any fear of dissidence. I believe my creative, active, and exceptional gift came to me as a little child when an alien spacecraft, [which I remember every literal detail] instilled something over me which released a flow of energies to this very day, backed by God as my guide are responsible for every millisecond of pleasure writing. Wild isn’t it, but just as real simple as it is putting down, its the way it happened. Well the time is near, allow me to close on a positive not. The felling of being all alone. I have seldom had the experience. Every time it happens, I’ve always remembered not liking it. Thank God there were very few. End of Story JN

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