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OUT OF STONE by HWA Member John G Rees


Author: John G Rees

Sechra may have been a child when she was salvaged from the revolution, but not before witnessing the barbaric nature of the enemy. The nightmares she lived through could not be forgotten nor the odium in her soul denied. She hid the execration behind sparkling eyes and an open nature. Just behind the eyes however lurked something entirely disturbing. Sechra’s subconscious found release through her artistic abilities. No one thought anything of her stone renderings other than they lent themselves to the macabre. The subject matter was overlooked, as it seemed a cathartic for the young woman.

What wasn’t seen was the dark hand that guided her artwork or the deep-seated hatred that gave strength to her arms and hands to create it. Not until it was too late that is.

Her aunt, Karuna Danesti, raised the young Sechra. Her love for the child kept her from seeing the darkness within the girl’s work.

Let us say love is blind. But love is also unconditional. Karuna would do anything to save Sechra from a fate worse than death, anything!

Sechra’s journey takes her back into the Transylvanian Alps of her youth. The hardship of traveling by motorcycle deep into the mountains is nothing compared to what awaits her at the end of the road. Karuna will flee Romania only to return to its distant past in an effort to salvage Sechra, herself and the future.
The epic, award winning anoxic zone series continues on in john g rees’ Out Of Stone. If you thought evil had been put to rest with his previous novels think again.

Publisher: Black Water Books

Release_Date: February 2013

ISBN_10: 0983192077

ISBN_13: 978-0-983-19207-7

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