HWA Newsletter Ad Guide

The HWA newsletter features three types of ads, shown below:

  • Inset ads (A),
  • Border ads (B), and
  • Banner ads (C)

Ad sizes are specified in pixels, not inches, because pixels are the most meaningful standard when talking about web graphics.

Inset ads

We have one size of inset ad, 260 pixels wide by 280 pixels high.

Border ads

We offer three sizes of border ad. All are 180 pixels wide, but they can be 100, 200, or 300 pixels high:


Banner ads

Ad formats

All ads should be submitted as GIFs or JPGs. Don't know what those are? Better check out this link.

Ads should not exceed 30KB. In fact, small ads should really be in the 10KB range, if you're optimizing your web graphics properly.

Web graphics are usually set at a resolution of 72dpi, the same as the typical computer monitor.

Ad prices

Ads may be purchased securely using the form below. Simply fill out the form, click "Proceed with Order" and follow the next instructions. Our newsletter editor will contact you shortly with specifics about how to submit your ad materials.

Ads must reach the editor by the 12th of the month in order to appear in the next issue of the newsletter.

Ad Type Cost Quantity
Inset Ad $27.50
Inset Ad Discount Pack (3 months, 10% off) $74.25
Border Ad, 100 pixels $6.60
Border Ad, 100 pixels, Discount Pack (3 months, 10% off) $17.85
Border Ad, 200 pixels $9.90
Border Ad, 200 pixels, Discount Pack (3 months, 10% off) $26.75
Border Ad, 300 pixels $13.25
Border Ad, 300 pixels, Discount Pack (3 months, 10% off) $35.75
Banner Ad $20.00
Banner Ad Discount Pack (3 months, 10% off) $54.00
Run Ad on Multiple Pages ($1 for each additional page) $2.00


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