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Members-Only Portal


Click the big red button to log into the Members-Only section of the website.

You now have only two different passworded areas for the HWA:

  1. Your WildApricot one (where you renew and update your profile)
  2. Your Forum password (where you access the forums)

You have control over both your WildApricot and your Forum passwords. We do not change them for you.

We strongly encourage you to set your WildApricot and your Forum passwords to match one another. This will reduce your password headaches by a bunch.

Lost your password to the Forum or WildApricot?
You have total control over these. Open either one and where you would log in, you will see a link to retrieve or reset your password.

  1. Go to the WildApricot login page and look for the “Lost Password” link.
  2. If you need further assistance, email keymaster@horror.org. Please be patient as this may take several days. If you email the webmaster instead of the keymaster, expect an even greater delay.

What’s inside for members?

  • A Community of Horror Professionals
  • Exclusive Market Listings
  • HWA Member Forum
  • Industry and Convention News
  • Directory of Agents
  • Reviewer List
  • Speciality Bookstore List
  • Bram Stoker Award Voting
  • Archive of HWA Newsletters
  • Plus much, much more!

Thinking about joining?

Your HWA Member Profile and WildApricot.com

Click here to log into your WildApricot.com profile to update your address or other personal information, to add your social network links for the Our Members Online page, and to elect (or not) to receive newsletters, announcements, and offers of free material for Bram Stoker Award® consideration.

For WildApricot assistance, contact the HWA Admin at admin@horror.org

Because your WildApricot profile username and password are NOT the same as your MEMBERS-ONLY SECTION username and password. When you change the one, you do not automatically change the other. We strongly recommend you change your WildApricot Profile password to match what we gave you for the Members Only section. It will make it much easier for you to remember.

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