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Interview with Ramsey Campbell at Darkeva’s Dark Delights


campbell_ramsey200Darkeva interviews World Horror Convention’s Guest of Honor, Ramsey Campbell.

Darkeva: To quote the Oxford Companion to English Literature, you’re “Britain’s most respected living horror writer,” which is a great esteem. What do you feel have been some of the great honors of your writing career so far?

RC: Well, that was certainly one. The Lifetime Achievement awards from HWA and WHC were two spectacular ones, and some years ago I was honoured in Rome at the Fantafestival with a similar career award, together with the great Ennio Morricone, no less. But having my own issue of Weird Tales – a magazine that had been magical for me ever since I coveted a copy I saw in a shop window when I was seven – was special, and so of course was being published by Arkham House all those years ago, alongside such heroes of mine as Robert Bloch, John Metcalfe and William Hope Hodgson. I’ve had quite a lot of dreams come true over the decades. May more do so!

Read the rest of the interview at Darkeva’s Dark Delights.

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