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Interview with John Joseph Adams at Darkeva’s Dark Delights


adams_john_joseph200Darkeva interviews World Horror Convention’s Editor Guest of Honor, John Joseph Adams.

Darkeva: You’re one of the most respected editors in the genre fiction community, and have edited many bestselling anthologies. Is there a particular favorite among them that you worked on?

JJA: That’s a hard question to answer–kind of like asking a parent to name their favorite child. Of course every parent secretly has one, but never says which it is out of fear of hurting their other children’s feelings. In this case, the ones whose feelings could be hurt are, of course, not the anthologies themselves, but the authors that are in them. So I feel compelled to insist that I love all of my anthologies equally.

That said, although in the end I love them equally, there are some that I enjoyed working on more than others for one reason or another. Wastelands will always be near and dear to my heart, not only because it was my very first anthology, but also because its theme–post-apocalyptic fiction–has long been a favorite genre of mine.

The latter also goes for Brave New Worlds as well, and that book also has the distinction of–as far as I know–being the only book of its kind, an anthology that attempts to collect the best dystopian short fiction all in one volume.

My two zombie anthologies–The Living Dead and The Living Dead 2–were both exciting to assemble as well, because, well isn’t it obvious? I mean, everyone loves zombies (or as Living Dead contributor Hannah Wolf Bowen might say, everything is better with zombies). I suspect The Living Dead (vol. 1) is my agent’s favorite since that one, by far, made us the most money and is far and away my bestselling title. Then there’s The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, which gave me the excuse to type “Mwa-ha-ha-ha!” a lot, and that’s always fun. Or Oz Reimagined, which was my first editorial collaboration… But I could go on and on. SEE, I CAN’T CHOOSE.

Read the rest of the interview at Darkeva’s Dark Delights.

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