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Important Website Update!


Use your WildApricot password to access members-only content.

This is the password you use to update your profile or pay your dues on the HWA Wildapricot site.

To get there, go to the homepage (http://www.horror.org) and look for the “Members-Only” button on the right. Click it and then click the login button on that page. Input your WildApricot user id and password, the same one you use to pay dues and update your profile.

You control this password, so if you forget it, you can click on the “Forgot Password” link on the WildApricot sign-in page to retrieve or reset it.

Some of your old bookmarks will no longer be valid, so if you use a bookmark and get an error, just return to Horror.org and click the “Members-Only” button, then navigate from there.

You will still need a separate password for the forums, but you control that password as well, so you can change it to match your WildApricot one, if you choose.

Please report any trouble you encounter to webmaster@horror.org.

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