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Halloween Treat Giveaway: B&N Nook Loaded with Horror Novels


TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: Courtesy of Christopher C. Payne and Journalstone Publishing, we are giving away a free Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader, preloaded with selected horror novels published by Journalstone Publishing. To enter, post in the comments section below or e-mail memoutreach@horror.org. A winner will be chosen at random. Happy Halloween!

Novels to be included:

Shaman’s Blood by Anne C. Petty
That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley
The Demon of Renaissance Drive by Elizabeth Reuter
Jokers Club by Gregory Bastianelli
Ghosts of Coronado Bay by JG Faherty
Reign of a Nightmare Prince by Mike Phillips
Imperial Hostage by Phil Cantrill
The Pentacle Pendant by Stephen M. DeBock



14 comments on “Halloween Treat Giveaway: B&N Nook Loaded with Horror Novels

  1. I want to win a Nook with Brett Talley’s debut along with other great journalstone books.

  2. As a librarian who loves horror fiction and doesn’t make a ton of money, this would hardcore make my day. Thank you for this contest, and all you do for the world of books!

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