GUNSLINGERS & GHOST STORIES by HWA Member David B. Riley (editor)

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Author: David B. Riley (editor)

Ghosts are not just found in haunted houses. They have a disturbing tendency to turn up where you least expect them: like saloons, brothels, Indian ruinsâ and sometimes even in the middle of a gunfight. Saddle up for a haunted ride through the Wild West. Featuring spooky stories by Joel Jenkins, Dana Bell, Laura Givens, Henrik Ramsager, Kit Volker, Kenneth W. Cain, Adrian Ludens, C. J. Killmer, Darla Upchurch, John Howard & J. A. Campbell.

Publisher: Science Fiction Trails
Release_Date: 12-1-12
ISBN_10: 0615725848
ISBN_13: 978-0615725848

One Response to “GUNSLINGERS & GHOST STORIES by HWA Member David B. Riley (editor)”

  1. I wrote one of the stories in this anthology, and am also an HWA member. All of the stories in this anthology are great!

    Julie/J.A. Campbell