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COSMIC FORCES by HWA Member Gregory Lamberson


Author: Gregory Lamberson

Private investigator Jake Helman has battled a demon, his minions, the walking dead, and beings from the dimensions of the Sphere of Light and the Dark Realm, but now he faces the greatest evil the world has ever known in the third installment of this loosely knit trilogy. Jake is hired by the wife of New York City mayor Myron Madigan to prove his infidelity.

Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend of his old partner Edgar needs Jake’s help when her son joins a cult that worships space aliens. And Jake’s late wife, Sheryl, now an “agent of Light,” asks him to locate a monster called the Destroyer of Souls—who may be responsible for the disappearance of the Biblical entity known as Abel.

The investigation of Madigan leads to Karlin Reichard, a wealthy industrialist and political kingmaker—head of a cabal that has secretly manipulated world affairs for generations. In order to bring these men down, Jake must join them. With earthly and otherworldly forces marshaled against him, Jake battles human assassins and supernatural creatures in his quest to uncover the mystery behind the Order of Avademe and a monster willing to destroy heaven and hell to rule the earth.

“I love Jake Helman. I love him, I love Greg Lamberson for bringing him to me, I love Medallion for bringing it to print, and I love… well, everything about this series. And I’m so happy to report to you that this is the best book in the Jake Helman Files to date. Cosmic Forces is full of action, suspense, gore, hilarious one-liners, and a hero that puts all others to shame. And a really friggin’ big monster. Oh yeah, this one is huge.” – Dreadful Tales

“Beyond this cosmic nihilism, this outing for Jake Helman continues the incredible, gritty vibrancy of the previous volumes. New York City (and in COSMIC FORCES, an excursion to Buffalo, NY, which both Greg and I call home) is absolutely alive here, intricately detailed and populated with believable, complex characters, with heroes, villains and supporting characters compellingly written, especially dialogue. Greg has a fantastic ear for conversations in print, which I can only assume is a holdover from his career as a filmmaker.” – The Blood Sprayer

“COSMIC FORCES’ 380 pages fly by like lightning, and fans of the series will be satisfied. Lamberson’s modern noir/supernatural horror hybrid has become a must read for me.” -The Horror Fiction Review

Publisher: Medallion Press
Release Date: October 1, 2011

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