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Women in Horror Month Interview – Charlee Jacob

February is Women in Horror Month! The HWA is celebrating by posting interviews with award-winning authors. Following is an interview with Charlee Jacob, who won for Novel in 2005 (Dread in the Beast), Poetry Collection in 2005 (Sineater), Poetry Collection in 2007 (VECTORS: A Week in the Death of a Planet, co-written with Marge Simon), and Poetry Collection in 2013 (Four Elements, co-written with Linda Addison, Rain Graves, and Marge Simon).

Special thanks by Sanda Jelcic and Alessandro Manzetti for conducting this interview.


Tell us a little about your Bram Stoker Award-winning …

Women in Horror: Part Eighteen

Women in Horror: Part Eighteen

 images (23)It may be March but I’m still rolling with WiHM!

Today, my dear friends, is the final article. Yes…it’s true. Please do not weep, do not lose hope, we will meet again. For now we can explore a great viewpoint on the whole concept of Women in Horror from editor, author, anthologist & all-round great friend…Joe Myndhardt…


Female authors, characters and inspirations… and those who have a problem with them.

by Joe Mynhardt

I learned something over the last few days; I learned that there is still a lot prejudice when it comes to the work of female authors. …

Women in Horror: Part Seventeen

Women in Horror: Part Seventeen

Today we’re joined by author Roh Morgon on what horror means to her…




It’s an honor to have been selected to participate in the HWA’s recognition of Women in Horror Month.



Examining the accomplishments of women in this genre has forced me to look closer at my own work and determine whether or not it actually belongs in the horror category.


Before discussing the contributions of women writers to the horror genre, we should first conduct a brief examination of the genre itself.




The word conjures images of screaming women, dripping blades, …

Women in Horror: Part Sixteen

Women in Horror: Part Sixteen

Hello & welcome back to our feature special series for WiHM!

You’ll all have noticed a gap in the posting of these articles & I can only apologise for that. I’ve been down with a horrible virus & couldn’t get any work done…but I’m back now & ready to finish what we’ve started!

Today we welcome author & editor Sandy DeLuca. This lovely lady barely needs an introduction, author of Messages from the Dead & Hell’s Door amongst many others, artist & anthologist. For our series she decided to concentrate on a Woman in Horror from the world of film,

Women in Horror: Part Fifteen

Women in Horror: Part Fifteen


Here we are again, still celebrating Women in Horror Month & going strong!

Chantal Noordeloos, author of Deeply Twisted & Coyote-The Outlander, is here to talk about stereotypes & categorisation…



download (6)Every February we explore the world of ladies in the horror genre. We shine the limelight on female authors, directors, actresses, and perhaps even the female characters in their books.

As a woman who writes horror I’m very grateful for this little bit of illumination. Most of us still struggle to make a name for ourselves, and a lot of women suffer from a stigma that’s been …

Women in Horror: Part Fourteen

Women in Horror: Part Fourteen

Welcome to our next installment of HWA’s Women in Horror Month!

Today we have the delectable Rena Mason joining us & she’s talking about the writers who inspired her…





One of the first “horror” novels I remember reading in my pre-teen years, because it was popular, was Flowers in the Attic by V.C. images (1)Andrews. It left me wanting more, so as simple as it sounds, I chose my next book because the cover art had a similar “creepy girl” feel to it. Both books also had strong female protagonists. The second book just happened to be …

Women in Horror: Part Thirteen

Here we are at lucky number thirteen of WiHM! 

Today we’re joined by author Kami Garcia & she’s telling all about the reactions she faced when she announced that she was going to write horror fiction…




IMG_6572_straps2Why would you ever want to write a horror novel?—that was the question people kept asking when my solo novel, Unbreakable, released last Fall. The same people who had never questioned my choice of genre when I was writing Southern Gothic were suddenly thrown by the word horror. They associated it with violence and gore, instead of the elements …

Women in Horror: Part Twelve

Women in Horror: Part Twelve

Today we are joined by Carol MacAllister, author of The BlackMoor Tales…



carolToni Morrison, author, whose work won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993 is generally categorized as most interested in presenting the human condition of African Americans through her work. Her characters are African Americans, but even though she addresses racism, it is curious to note that she easily crosses the borders of reality and dips into horror to paint her scenes.


BELOVED, her novel ranked as one of American’s best works, relies on the element of a ghostly main protagonist who follows all the …

Women in Horror: Part Eleven

Women in Horror: Part Eleven

Today we have something a little different, Leigh M Lane covers a few of the theories surrounding the whole role women have i  Horror Fiction…

Women’s Roles in Horror—Playing the Victim?


download (1).jpglmlI’ve been thinking a lot lately about roles versus expectations in horror writing. There are many who deny that there continues to exist gender bias in horror, and to those people I must ask: Then why is there a Women in Horror Month? If there were no problem, we’d also have a Men in Horror Month … or would we?


I don’t want to foster any false …

Women in Horror: Part Ten

Women in Horror: Part Ten

Welcome back to HWA’s WiHM feature special! We’re now at part ten & I’m proud to present to you a little piece by author & journalist, Natasha Ewendt!

Embrace the weird


So, you’re a female horror writer? You write about blood and guts and torture and monsters and stuff? That’s a bit unsavoury for a download (1).jpgnatashalady, isn’t it? Newsflash: A lot of us ladies aren’t really ladies. Well, we may have the “lady gear”, but as for the cookie-baking, chick-flick-watching, blinking kind of lady stereotype, that’s a small set of the female population that’s just widely portrayed in the …

Women in Horror: Part Nine

Women in Horror: Part Nine


Today we have something a little different, Michael Randolph takes us right back to our roots…


Ancient Roots


Enough cannot be said of the impact that women have had on horror. For more than a millennium women have written stories that chill the heart, laying laid down roots well before the gothic period. If you look into the deep past…far back into the Middle Ages (12th century), you will find the one of the original werewolf stories or Lais written by Marie De France, a noble woman. Marie wrote a series a poems or Lais with the …

Women in Horror: Part Eight

Hello & welcome to our next installment of our feature for Women in Horror Month!

Today we have author Sèphera Girón  sharing her thoughts on one of her inspirational women, Mary Shelley, one of our great Femme Founders.


Mary Shelley and Me

 1175626_537983102939772_1609932512_n.jpg SepheraMary Shelley will be discussed a lot during Women in Horror month on blogs around the world. Of that, I have no doubt. Many of us consider her one of the Queen Bees of the genre. There is no doubt she is responsible for some of the most recognizable icons and slang in modern culture.

Her legacy …

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